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I've shied away in the past from doing posts that are solely about style and fashion, even though it has to be one of the most requested blog topics readers email me about.

In my mind what business did I have doing style posts? I'm not a fashion blogger, surely if people want posts like that they head over to fashion blogs, not here, why would anyone care about what I was wearing??

Let me introduce you to my internal negative voice. You know the one? The voice that belittles you constantly and doesn't allow you to see your own potential. For whatever reason that voice has been pretty loud of late, in all areas of my life. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you realise you are your own worst enemy and all the obstacles in front of you are self-created.

I know there's no overnight solution to being your own worst enemy, but I do know that for my own sake and sanity I have to start making positive steps towards being kinder to myself, and actually more honest with myself too.

I think I shy away from a lot of creative challenges in my life because truth be told I'm scared of failing. If you don't try then you can't possibly fail, can you? A twisted logic I've been hiding behind longer than I'd like to admit. So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone, and instead stepping into the beautiful streets of Edinburgh doing some pretty awkward poses whilst hoping that I don't have a double chin, ha! 

You see it dawned on me that I was looking at this whole style blogging idea completely wrong. I was mainly shying away from doing such posts as I look at fashion blogs myself and think I couldn't possibly do that. I love what I love but I'm not fashion forward. I don't have an unlimited disposable income for clothing. and I'm not super skinny, tanned, and impossibly gorgeous looking. Now this isn't a pity party but actually my light bulb moment, because for those of you that are emailing me, that's not what you want nor expect from me. I'm just a normal mum of two young boys in her mid thirties who loves her clothes, and maybe that's what resonates with you? I'll never supply you with posts of me looking super glossy and high fashion, but I can bring you my love of the high street and smaller brands, and the occasional double chin ;). Seriously, it's a sad day when your realise your double chin is no longer caused by an unflattering angle it just happens to be a permanent fixture. Thankfully it doesn't stop the clothes I love from fitting though ;)

So thank you. Thank you for the emails and messages that have actually made me stop and reflect on why it is I shy away from certain things. Thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone. 

Now enough of me banging on about my inner crazy voices. Let's talk clothes. For me my wardrobe has always been an extension of myself. I adore clothes and notice they have a huge impact on my general mood and attitude. For example if I dress like a slob then I feel like one, so for me wearing something I really like can set me on the right foot for the day. 

Take this gorgeous blue smock top from Next. I found this last month but it's still available and comes in red too. Trust me when I say I needed to use all my willpower to not buy it in both colours. I'm obsessed with the embroidered detailing and this is now a firm favourite in my wardrobe. It's such a easy go to look with jeans and slip on mules (possibly my favourite fashion comeback, yay!) when you're rushing out the door. I plan to pair it with cropped wide leg trousers once the weather warms up in Edinburgh. It's definitely feeling hopeful, spring is in the air.

You only need to look on the high street or scroll the Internet to see how huge blue is this season. Be it stripes, gingham or block colour. Blue's never been a colour I wear that much apart from the obligatory Breton stripe, but its safe to say I've caught the blue bug. Here's a few below that are on my lust list, and tick all the boxes for this spring/summer biggest trends, embroidery, bows, ruffles and cuffs galore.

Left, I love this Zara number, fun and vibrant for the summer.

Centre, Pretty much obsessed with this bow detailing on this Marks and Spencer top.

Right, ruffle and cuff perfection with this Mango beauty.

You can also find my jeans here, and they are currently on sale less than half price. My sunglasses are Ray-Ban, and my bag was a gift a few years back now but I love this one in a similar colour and I love the different carry options.


  1. I love this post so much I want to marry it! Bravo for being brave and taking a leap of faith on something I've known you could do since you found a pair of Gina shoes in a thrift shop when we were 18 (I didn't even know what they were ����) A truly lovely post Claire very proud of you I would TOTALLY take style tips from you bruv and will be! Heaps of love xxx

    1. Ahh thank you, bruv! Stepping outside of your comfort zone is so scary isn't it? But then strangely freeing too. Thanks for always supporting and reading my silly ramblings. Love you! xx

  2. You beautiful thing you!!! I SO get all that self doubt stuff...but're so fine!!! Beautiful style and you know it so well! I would love to read more posts like this! Well done sweetie, love you xxx

    1. Seriously, so many of your supportive words were ringing in my hand as I dared to press the publish button this evening. Thank you!! Love you xxx

  3. Claire this is Jules, Bash's friend from Manchester - she pointed me in the direction of your Instagram the last time I saw her and I've been in love with your posts ever since! I can totally relate to this blog subject SO MUCH! ive got two little boys now too and never any time or money to keep on top of the way I'd like (or used to) look. That damn internal voice always there to point out the bits I don't like instead of focusing on the good parts. But can I just say - as an outsider looking in - you have this air of style and chicness that should be celebrated! So tell that little voice to sod the hell off �� Keep doing what you are doing, you are FAB-U-LOUS! ❤ x

  4. Hannah Straughan18 April 2017 at 18:40

    Adore your style and photos here Claire! I can't wait to see more of these posts. I love to get style inspiration, but I want it from someone I can relate to, like you! You look gorgeous. Now, I'm off to find that Zara top! Xxxx

  5. So proud of you for taking this step my darling - because this post is brilliant and you look so gorgeous! And also, I will totally be taking your style tips mama - when we were at Coniston I was ogling all of your clothes - I'm still daydreaming about that Joules scarf of yours! And y'know, I never shop in NEXT... Thought it wasn't for me. Schoolgirl error. Love your top!! xxx

  6. Claire you absolute babe!!! LOVE This and all your choices and love you and your style so absolutely more of this please! I totally hear you with all your negative voices I hear them all the time in my head too but it's time to shut them up and lift our heads and embrace the skin that we're in! Xxxxx