i was smitten as soon as i seen this gorgeous holder, you know that way when you're in a charity shop you see something just out of your reach and you find yourself lunging for it? please tell me that's not just me. well my lunge paid of and this little beauty is all mine and for my collection of magazines that caleb keeps attacking. you can have the read ones but really do you have to chew my new living etc mag son?

do you have a list of things you always keep your eye out for when thrifting? i do and this was one of them! massive tick next to perrier jouet flower glasses. i've kept my eyes peeled for these guys for sometime along with the babycham ones. well now i have two! and at the lovely price of a pound each. babycham glasses, it's just a matter of time. but for now, champagne wednesday anyone :)

now for food with the champagne, okay i'm not really having champers but a girl can dream, and well hint to said husband.

someone who certainly wasn't bothered by the lack of champagne. i love that the stew seems to have given him a ginger beard! this boy never fails to crack me up.

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  1. Hi - Your blog is so cute! Love your little man. I remember when mine were that little! I blog over at latte and legos about life with my little guys and some personal style.
    I am a new follower! Would love if stopped over and said hi, and followed via facebook :-)

    1. thank you Steph! i really appreciate the follow! and of course i will check your blog out :)