yay it's friday!! i have to say being a stay at home mum does kill the friday buzz a little at times, but with a free weekend ahead of us, i've got it. since christmas we have had a jam packed calendar. that's how we like it but i've also been craving some long overdue, 'just the three of us' time. i'm thinking lazy morning, poached eggs and well whatever we fancy doing.

have a lovely weekend everyone, whether it be jam packed or chilling :)

oh and i was totally chuffed when i rediscovered these leopard print boots collecting dust in  my wardrobe. i had totally forgot about them with them not being the most mamma friendly boots. ever do that? think i might keep some time aside this weekend to have a little root to see what other treasures i've forgotten about in there. if i'm posted missing you'll know where i'll be ;)