that's right this little lady and her man are off to nyc. it's been a crazy week of work, caleb's 1st birthday celebrations, and organising for going away, that i feel like i've not had a second to think about it and get properly excited. well i am now, like i'm a kid again on christmas eve excited.

i've never been before (michael has, a fact he's liked to remind me of over the years) and i feel like i'm going to lapland and disneyworld all wrapped into one.

our little dude will be staying at home with grandma liverpool, and seeing how excited my mum is for some caleb time all to herself makes me feel so much more at ease about leaving him.

so for the first time in a long time me and the mr will have four whole days (may as well be an eternity in parenthood time!) together and what better place to spend it. ahhhhhhh i'm so excited!! how i'm going to sleep tonight i'll never know, bet you caleb sleeps right through just to taunt me also.

see you all when i get back with a gazillion pictures i'm sure.
i'm off to sing me some sinatra :)


  1. Can't wait to hear about your trip, have fun :)

  2. SO LUCKY!!! We only live 5 hours away from NY and have plenty of family there and I've never been... pathetic huh?! Well wishes for a wonderful vacation! <3

  3. Have a fab time! So jealous over here!!

  4. I'm SO excited for you!! I really hope your trip goes well and I can not wait to hear and see all about it! :)


    1. thank you ladies!
      we had the most amazing time despite me being ill.
      momma burd-i can't believe you live only 5 hours away and have never been! though to be fair i'm always saying i want to see more of scotland, it's shameful how little i've seen and i've lived here over 10 years!!