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when i first came to edinburgh i visited all the sights, but once i settled in to this new place called home, well of course then life happened and with it my forgetfulness of such sights. though i'm not as bad as some, namely my husband, born and bred in edinburgh and never been to the castle!! i'm completely serious. never. been. i'm pretty sure that means he's not a true edinburger (edinburger-still makes me chuckle)

since caleb has been born, that's all changed. i feel like i'm seeing this city with fresh eyes. the fresh eyes of my son. i look forward to each 'new to him' place we go, i love watching him react to his surrounding. the way he wrinkles his brow (one of my favourite caleb faces, oh so serious)  or the way he looks so excited he may literally leap out of his pram, i'm pretty certain that's going to happen any day now, and lets not forget the smile. oh the smile, nothing quite like finding new appreciation for a place when it makes your boy smile. he loves it. i love it. simples.

so along with grandma edinburgh we took caleb to the scottish national gallery of modern art, and what a sight to see...

i love the lawn or landform, as they call it, outside modern one. you're able to walk on it which i can imagine will be a winner with caleb when he's (much ;) older
caleb of course wasn't interested in what the galleries had on offer inside, but outside, different story...
gotta love your own reflection hey! if you look on the right of the above picture you'll see a little girl who was also a fan of these strange glass walls. once caleb and her clamped eyes on each other she ran straight over, and i happened to capture it in this next picture...
CRAZY hey!! i can't stop looking at this picture, such a mad little moment.
also love how kids just become friends instantly.
eh you look about my age...wanna be pals?
eh okay.
great lets play

so daddy, caleb is totally taking over you on the sightseeing stakes, you'll need to up your game ;)

how about the rest of you, what's your favourite sight you like to visit where you live? or like my husband, a sight you've grown up with but never visited?

i'm not innocent mind, i''ve never been on the beatle's tour, yes that's right a scouser who has never been on the beatle's tour. mmm maybe that's my next trip when i'm in liverpool. jayne and nathan are you in?? ;)


  1. please, please tell me you have done the yellow bus/boat trip in liverpool though?! haa! great pics, as ever. x

    1. ah! have you seen the speed that duck boat hits the water?! ;)
      sounds like you had a cracking time in liverpool, in fairness how could you not!

  2. that is SO gorgeous!!! Stopping by from Brandon and Shelby!

    1. thank you and thanks for stopping by bethany!

  3. Wow! This looks like fun! The husband and I are considering a family break to Edinburgh soon so I love seeing what the babies (and us!) would enjoy! Looks like you had the best weather for your gallery trip! Let me know if you have anything else you would suggest!

    That picture of Caleb and the little girl is too cute-love at first sight!

    ps. did you comment on my 'boy' post last week? i got an email but then went onto blogger and there was nothing? maybe i'm crazy???

    1. you'll have a fantastic time in edinburgh as a family. keep me posted if you decide to come up and i'll be more than happy to help with suggestions!

      ha ha not sure if caleb was more smitten by the girl or his own reflection ;)

      i did leave a comment, how strange sounds like it's got lost in the blogosphere!! it was such a sweet post you did about harry. i was pretty much just saying how now i've had caleb i can't imagine having a girl :)

    2. Ah thanks for your sweet comment. Naughty blogger eating comments! Girls are crazy-Leila went mad this morning because she wanted to wear a dress! :) I think boys are more straightforward! Although I never thought I'd be able to play 'princesses' at my age haha.

      Thanks for the Edinburgh advice-will keep you posted!

  4. Ace pics again! Modern art is great for kids. I love the torso in the pavement, my two would laugh themselves silly.

    1. thanks vanessa! and thank you for your pinterest email, i've not forgotten about it, i'm actually not on pinterest yet (gasp!) it's on my list of things to do. once i'm set up i'll let you know :)