this little guy has been...

  • CRAZY. crazy i tell you. he is on the move 24/7, and i'm not exaggerating. morning, noon :) and night :( yes we have a sleep walking crawling/standing/sitting little boy. he goes down fine as usual but around 10pm he starts wailing. we go in to comfort him to find him standing up in his cot but fast asleep! his record came on friday night when he did this 9 times! has anyone else ever experienced this? if so did it last long? please say no (or just lie ;) 
  • spending most of his time under tables and chairs, because well why not.
  • having a tantrum or i thought that came with the terrible twos wee man!
  • having the best time at his aunty karen's and uncle iain's with all his cousins. thank you :)
  • cruising and gaining his confidence around the furniture. lets hope this sleep issue sorts itself out before you start walking!!
  • obsessed with the bathroom. if you leave the door open by accident you can guarantee he's in there like a flash. toilet bins are so much fun don't you know.

what a week. sleep deprivation is not fun. nothing quite like walking past a mirror and giving yourself a fright. who's the hag? oh right, that would be me. so come on, son. have pity on your parents and their growing eye bags, sleeping right through is the new cool i tell you. all the cool kids are doing it.


  1. I hope he sleeps for you tonight! My girls never did that, but I imagine he is not the only baby to ever have that happen;)

    I think my little lady will sleep through the night soon.... at least I hope so!

    1. he was up 4 times last night which seems tame compared to 9!! ah the joys of parenthood ;)
      thanks for stopping by! will be heading over to your blog :)

  2. Replies
    1. ah thank you! so sweet to hear from yourself as i love your blog :)