remember when you were a kid and the best place ever was to be on your dad's shoulders? to you they seemed like a giant, stronger than you could ever dream to be.

well my dear husband, that is now you. you're caleb's giant. 

have you seen his face when he looks at you? the boy is in serious awe (i'm not jealous...promise ;)

easy to see why though, you are an incredible dad.

and not forgetting two other incredible dad's out there, you know who you are and we wouldn't be the people we are today without you. thank you, our giants.

happy fathers day everyone!


  1. Such a lovely post! And your plates below...I die. I have JUST ordered a rug from Zara in the same pattern for our living room. I love it. Hope you had a lovely Father's Day and a wonderful weekend!

    1. ah thank you lady!
      oh that rug sounds amazing, i LOVE zara home.
      hope you had a lovely father's day too :)