everyone say 'CHEEEEEEESE!', well except caleb you keep chomping on that finger of yours.

after my nana's funeral i was so pleased to travel back up with my mum, sister and the two tinkers and have some much needed family time.

the one thing i miss most about not having my family near is the every day things. the little moments. the moments you wouldn't think to necessarily talk about on the phone, but to me this makes them no less important. it's the beauty and  at times the mundane of everyday life. that is what i miss the most.

so we were in our element having a full house, especially caleb who took on the role of nathan's shadow. seriously nobody really gets a look in when another little one is around, especially if it's one of his cousins.

it was a lovely few days, of fun, sunshine, laughter, perfecting the art of sharing (the kids not the adults ;) and of course the zoo. i didn't realise with our pass it gets our family and friends 25% off their ticket which was a total bonus.

yes it would appear there are more than two kids in this family ;)
plus i found out it doesn't matter how many times you spin nathan around he doesn't get dizzy, me on the other hand...different story!

i won't continually bore you with zoo pictures but had to include this stunning lady...

my little explorer...

fan of a slide, me? noooooo!

this little walker (not fully) gaining confidence...

thank you for a wonderful time my dear, mad family ;) caleb chops certainly missed you when you went and so did his mama :)


  1. Looks like a great family day out! Those spinning bowls at the park are the devil aren't they?

    Lovely to spend some quality family time together and even better if you come home with happy photos like these as memories!

    1. oh my god yes! i thought i was going be sick and fall over whilst nathan ran off (in a straight line!) and jumped on the swings! good times :)

  2. Looks like lots of fun, wonderful pictures :)

    Would love you to stop by and add them to our Wordless/ not so Wordless Wednesday blog hop ?

    1. thank you! will head over to the blog hop with my not so wordless wednesday post ;)