i want to start off by saying the biggest thank you to all the support we received for yesterday's post. such kindness at a sad time has been a great comfort. 

it's not just the blue skies that inspired today's title, it is all of you

...and i think to myself, what a wonderful world :)

there is something about a blue sky that just instantly makes me smile. lucky for me they've been in abundance up here of late.

so on friday, grandma liverpool and i decided to enjoy those blue skies on as many roof top terraces as we could find in town. we made it to two. well what can i say, we got distracted by the bubbles ;)

my beautiful ma's view...

hello fife!

and my view...

a busy st.andrews square

we were thoroughly impressed by the wine, the view and the fact they gave out suncream (la prairie suncream no less, you show off mr.nichols ;)

it was so good to catch up properly and well just talk, and talk, and talk. my mum and i are like that, could spend days, weeks together and still find something to talk about. as usual we lost track of time (that happens a lot, michael can certainly vouch for that, but that's another story...!) and realised we needed to hot foot it over to the tower restaurant for afternoon tea. more pretty blue skies along the way...

the views again were amazing and we highly recommend the afternoon tea...just gorgeous. we went on to talk about the salmon mousse pate for the rest of the weekend. yes, we're just crazy like that ;)

before the point of too many bubbles (is there such a thing? apparently now i'm older, damn you hangovers!!) we left like ladies to admire a few more blue skies on our way home...

thank you for a wonderful day, grandma liverpool. you are one of a kind and i'm so lucky to have you as my mum ♥


  1. this is so lovely! you are the spitting image of your mum! xx

    1. thank you cydney!, we had such a good day :)

  2. lovely. i just watched your wedding video and cried a little. so beautiful.
    you are lucky to have such a true love.




    1. ah thank you, stephanie.
      i'm a lucky girl, but shhh don't tell my husband i said that ;)