okay so i'm talking about a plastic baby, but still it's days like today that make me realise all the more how my baby is no baby, but a little boy. a little boy who loves prams and dolls, love it :)

watching you today hold your baby close and shower him with your open mouth (it's a caleb thing ;) kisses made my heart literally skip a beat by how sweet you are, but also a little sad, watching you act so grown up. where has my baby gone?? 

just as the panic of you growing up too fast set in you quickly reassured me by swinging the baby round, holding him by his feet, and then dropping him in the dirt so you could run to the nearest bush. that's my boy. growing up is overrated, you take your time wee man.

thank you to our lovely friend, sam, for capturing these funny moments today. our english bank holiday buddy :)


  1. Too cute! Also: his suspenders??! ADORBS. :)

    1. thank you! i know i don't think there is anything cuter than babes in suspenders (or braces as we call them over here :)

  2. Oh my goodness .... So cute! Both the boy and the mama. I love your dress and booties.

  3. oooh, the cutest!! make the most of him xx