Oh we have had a fun week in this little house. I wish I wasn't being heavily sarcastic :/

What was meant to be a fun week with my Grandparent's visiting, turned into scenes out of the Exorcist. No I ain't talking possession by the devil (though do you think that's what sometimes happens to toddlers...?! ;) I'm talking the other scene. Yes the projectile vomiting scene. You get the picture.

It started on Monday with Caleb taking an unusually early nap. That already had alarm bells ringing in my head, but I was thinking more like he was coming down with a cold. Not all out hell breaking loose.

He awoke half an hour before my Grandparents were due to arrive, and so it started. The vomiting. Ever seen a one year old vomit? Hideous. So upsetting, for them and you.

I hoped it was just going to be a 24 hour thing but by Tuesday, Caleb had gotten worse and now had developed a strange rash under his left arm. I did the tumbler test. It didn't disappear, and my blood literally ran cold. An hour later and we were at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh for blood tests to rule out the dreaded M. Meningitis.

I want to start by saying the tests came back clear. Thank god. Just a really bad virus. I have never felt so thankful. In order to get this result though was an experience in itself. Getting blood from a toddler :/

You see, Caleb is strong. Like freakishly strong. When something is happening against his will he is not one for taking it laying down. No, I have a little fighter on my hands. Ask our dentist, or the poor girl from Clarks. So yeah, this doctor didn't stand a chance.

He got himself so worked up he had a massive nose bleed. Oh the irony. Blood, blood everywhere but none that could be used for testing. It took a good 20 minutes to stop, and when it did it was time to attempt taking blood again. The result, Caleb then vomiting blood all over the both of us. My brain at this point wasn't thinking logically at all and I panicked. The doctor and nurse were quick to reassure me it was blood that he would have just swallowed from the nose bleed. What a relief. Well, kinda.

Third time lucky and all. The blood was taken. Leaving an exhausted toddler and a traumatised Mama.

We waited an hour to get the clear results, and we count ourselves so lucky. We don't know what real trauma is. Bloods being taken, is merely the tip of the iceberg for some children and their parents.

Home we were sent, instructed to come back if things got worse. They didn't get worse, but nor did they get better. More vomiting to follow hand in hand with nose bleeds, and then I started being sick.

Sick and pregnant, is the pits. I've been relieved to feel the baby move lots, but throw in a stomach wanting to empty itself and it is the most uncomfortable and horrible feeling. Like there's not enough room in my body. Our poor baba must have been wondering what the hell has been going on.

It's now Friday, and I'm pleased to say no one has thrown up since last night. Yay!! Now it's time to build our strength back up.

We had such lovely plans in mind for while my Grandparent's were up. But hey, I guess that is just how it goes sometimes. I did manage to capture these few shots of the three of them having a bit of lunch together. Well for Caleb, dried toast ;)

Makes my heart melt seeing Caleb with my Nan and Grandad. Generations apart, bonding over a bit of grub.

I want to give my husband the biggest shout out ever. He's been incredible, taking care of us all, which has meant zero sleep for him and then still having to go and do a full days work. I married a good'un :) 

So let's start this week again shall we. Happy Friday everyone! Here is to a healthy weekend to all.


  1. How scary for you....Glad everyone is feeling better x

    1. Thanks, Kim. Yeah, it wasn't the best!! So nice to be all back in full health again!!

  2. What a nightmare! The meningitis scare is the worst isn't it? I've had a couple of friends go through a similar thing, it's a bit terrifying. I'm pleased to hear your all feeling better, here's to a better week for you guys :)

    1. Thanks, Debra. Yes it's safe to say I never want to have to go through that again. It's awful when they're so ill and there's nothing you can really do to help :(

  3. I am so sorry, that sounds absolutely awful! Glad you two came around. Being sick is the absolute worst, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to the fear of having your little one not feel well and the helplessness of not being able to ease his discomfort. :( It hardly compares, but when my kitties are sick I am a wreck, mostly because they can't talk to me and tell me what's wrong and they're terrified of going to the vet. And I worry so much about the expense. How much is too much for a cat? Sigh. I hope this week is a better week for you.

    And I wanted to share a link to the photos from my Scotland trip after writing a novel on your instagram. It's the blog I kept when I was studying abroad. ;)