Nap when your baby is napping......Yep, all new mothers have certainly had that said to them, like a gazillion times.

Simple, sound advice but somehow the hardest to follow.

Fast forward to the toddler stage, and that advice becomes pretty much impossible to put into practise. Which I can't help but find ironic, seeing as the toddler stage is much more exhausting than the baby stage, in my opinion. Nap time becomes work time. The time I get the wash on, tidy our bomb site of a house, start dinner and so on and so on. You see if I don't get it done whilst Caleb is sleeping, it simply won't get done, and unfortunately word on the street is that everyone needs to eat dinner and have clean clothes on their back ;)

Approaching the 30 weeks pregnant mark this Sunday, has meant I've never wanted to take that nap more than I do now. People's advice would be, 'Hell, go for it, take the nap!', but if I do I know the rest of my day will be thrown into chaos. When I weigh that up against the nap, the nap no longer seems that appealing.

I do know however that rest is important, and although I may not be the type of person who can ignore a mountain of washing, or resist picking up all the toys whilst my little demolition man snoozes, I am learning to take the time to at least put my feet up. Even if it's just for five minutes. I don't find myself reaching for a magazine, or my computer to blog (yeah, sorry blog ;), or putting the TV on to catch up on our ever growing Sky+ menu. No, I sit in silence. Sweet silence. It's incredible what just five minutes of silence can do for an exhausted, frazzled brain....oh and a cup of earl grey tea ;)


  1. You go hot mama! You take that 5 minutes and you OWN them!

    Ps. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog: :) x

  2. I can totally relate to this. I find myself doing that now. On the rare day that my 2 and a half year old naps I just sit there in silence. I would usually catch up on my programmes but it's just nice listening to him breathing and nothing much else.
    Enjoy your rest. I've never been one to nap in the afternoon, or "sleep when the baby sleeps" either x

    1. Oh sweet silence, It's a beautiful, rare thing in this house. Got to catch those times whilst we can hey!! x