Today marks the start of my third trimester. To say the second trimester zoomed by is an understatement. I'm now making a conscious effort to slow things down a little and enjoy this last stage. But lets be honest I don't have much choice but to slow down seeing as baby bump is starting to take over ;)

Oh yeah, I've totally started to get my waddle on, not to mention a bad back, and if I walk too quick I get a stitch, and running after Caleb? Well that just involves a trip to the toilet straight after. Nice huh!! No I'm not a 100 year old lady, just 27 weeks pregnant ;)

All joking (okay. moaning ;) aside, I am so unbelievably excited. I cannot wait to meet baby and see Caleb become a big brother.


Talking of Caleb, my little tearaway, does not stop.

He does not walk, he runs. Everywhere.

He says 'Hi' to everyone he meets. Be it man, dog, or car. To him, it's fair game. 

His favourite haunts just now are the zoo, the museum and the park. Pretty much anywhere outdoors and I've got a happy boy on my hands.

He's a little love bug just now, kisses galore. I'm lapping it up while I can 'cause you never know when those kisses will go back on lock down. 

He's a climber. Whether it's at the play park, soft play or scaling our furniture :/ The boy has no fear!

We're encouraging him more and more to use his words, to no avail just now. He certainly understands what we're saying but he has decided to give us a run for our money it would appear. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest, Caleb does what he wants, when he wants to do it ;)

Oh and his hat, it's still firmly attached to his head at ALL times.


Is one active baby! Most active of an evening and the early hours of the morning. Do we have a night owl on our hands do you think??! :/

Each midwife appointment has gone like clockwork, listening to that heartbeat gets me every time. According to my last appointment I was measuring a day big, but seeing as baby's big brother came in at a whopping 9lb 9, there's no surprises there!! Only time will tell. 

We're starting to plan baby bumps arrival, and what we need to buy, of course that means considering what double stroller to purchase. Also, I'm really keen to find a good sling, as I think that will be the best scenario with a toddler to run after as well. We'll also get a buggy board for when Caleb is less interested being in the pram. Lots of things to sort, but I have to say it's my favourite part ♥

Not long now, baby bump.

We're so excited to meet you!


  1. It is exciting. It's the home stretch. It's hard work and in 10 weeks time you'll have had enough by far, but sooo exciting! :D

    1. Exciting indeed!! Can't believe in 9 weeks time I'll be classes as full term, ahhh!!

  2. Awwww so exciting! You are one stylish mama!! x

  3. pregnancy OBVIOUSLY suits you! you look fab!...and 'hi' to caleb! xx

    1. Thank you!!
      Caleb says 'Hi' back. Seriously he does, it's like his favourite word ;)