A couple of weeks ago, thanks to my lovely Aunty Linda, Michael and I found ourselves toddler free for an ENTIRE weekend.

Three whole days of no one to think about or put first, other than ourselves. A crazy, almost surreal like notion, when you're a parent. There were equal measures of excitement and anxiety. On one hand I wanted to shriek through the streets, 'I'M FREE!!!', and on the other hand cry, 'Bring my baby back'.

So what was a gal to do with herself and all this toddler free time?? A whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of everything.

Long lies, breakfast in bed, crap TV (no cartoons in sight!!), nails painted, girlie catch ups, and dates, dates, dates with my man. Oh yes, we brunched, we lunched, we had dinner out. Dinner out with a 9pm booking, no less! Yes, 9pm, as in the '9pm' that we usually go to bed. Who'd have thought ;)

It was a lovely weekend. Not only did it make me appreciate the much needed rest and alone time, but also my life as a mama. As much as I was relishing in my freedom, I missed Caleb like crazy. Do you want to hear something completely bonkers? I slept worse than I have in a long time because Caleb was not in the house. Oh the irony.

These pictures were taken after our Friday night dinner in Stockbridge. Instead of doing our usual rush home to get Caleb bathed and to bed, we were able to stroll along the canal. It's those moments that have really stuck with me from the weekend. The simple things, like a walk with my love. Just chatting, laughing, with not a care in the world.

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