Ahh I can't believe it, my baby boy is just days away from turning two. TWO!

My pregnancy hormones are really doing a number on me just now, I'm so excited for this milestone but at the same time wanting Friday to just take its time in coming. I want to keep Caleb, one, for that little bit longer. My baby.

The fact this will be his last birthday as an only child is also throwing me through a loop. Two years old, and a soon to be big brother. You really are going to be my grown up little man, Caleb. 

Right, I need to cut this out before I'm a sobbing mess over my laptop. Sob, sob ;)

Turning to things that literally make me laugh out loud when it comes to Caleb at the moment, his choice of toys these days. You see, as you can imagine I've had various family and friends get in touch asking what would Caleb like for his birthday. The best had to be when my sister asked, 'What is he playing with most just now?', obviously looking for present inspiration. What inspiration did I have for her....fruit and vegetables. 

Yes, fruit and vegetables. We ain't talking plastic, we ain't even talking wooden (the irony being we own plenty of both), we're talking real fruit and veg. Like outta the fridge drawers, fruit and veg. 

Out come the fridge drawers every morning, you can see one of them has already incurred a Caleb induced injury :/

After he tires of exchanging them from one drawer to the next (and let me tell you that can take a while), the fruit and veg then graduate to the dining room table or the TV unit. 

Then when he bores of that it's time to give them all to mummy. One by one ;)

and then....back to the table!

Then as the interest wanes with his 'toys', he opts for his other obsession just now, Curious George.

Oh, Caleb how I love you so. My crazy, gorgeous, sweet boy.

So, who's up for coming to ours for dinner then?? Promise we wash all our fruit and veg before use ;)


  1. Aww, love this! So funny what they get up to. William went through a stage of sneaking out potatoes and biting huge chunks in them. Still in love with Caleb's hat :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Debra. Ahh that is hilarious about William and potatoes. Toddlers really are the funniest and strangest creatures!!

  2. Too funny. Happy birthday to Caleb, and you too mama!