Archie boy.

Archie pants (yep, sorry about that one ;))


Wow, you're thirteen weeks old now. Thirteen weeks!! On June 3rd, life started for you, and for us as a family of four. The last thirteen weeks have been a blur of beauty, joy and copious, copious amounts of nappies. Note to self, children to be potty trained before anymore babies ;)

But let's not talk about nappies, because next we'll be talking about poop, and then we'll be talking about the colour of poop. Ah, the life of a parent.

Back to Archie. Oh, Archie. Well first off you have spoiled us. Spoiled us with your chilled, easy going ways. You hardly ever cry, and when you do it's always for the obvious reasons. You feed like a dream, making it such an enjoyable experience for myself. Sleeping comes naturally to you. You go down each night drowsy and happy from your last feed, and then you drift off to sleep by yourself in your moses basket (true story!). My boy, you are a fluke. You are what baby legends are made of, and you are all ours.

Please note, the tone of this post is not meant to be smug, it's shock. Caleb was an amazing baby, but chilled is not a word I would have used, ha! So this is all kind of new to us.

I will now leave you with some baby fingers and toes...

You're welcome ;)


  1. he sounds like a dream...high five! ;)

  2. I couldn't help but smile reading this post! My boys were the exact same! 1st born hit the floor running and he hasn't stopped.....2nd one was cuddling, easy going sweetheart. Each one so incredibly special. Baby 3 was our precious little girl! I know it's early Claire lol but just sayin! Enjoy!.....these days pass so fast! -Julie_

    1. Ha ha I better not tell my husband that ;)

      I just adore how similar but then different they are. They really are their own little people hey! xx