Hi, my name is, Tired.

Or you can call me, Broken Record.

I'll let you decide, I'm too tired to ;)

Apologies if this post doesn't make much sense, and please ignore my grammar and spelling mistakes. As I clearly do :p

So yep, back to tiredness...

Hardly surprising you might think with a toddler and a baby, although they are a big part of my tiredness I'm actually to blame as well. You see, I've been running on empty recently, like literally. In my rush to make sure the boys are fed, watered and happy, I've been forgetting about myself.

Mama needs to eat too!!!

And I ain't talking about your kid's mushy, slobbery leftovers. I'm talking proper meals!!! It's only been in the last few weeks I've really let this slip, ironically as Archie has started weaning it seems I've put myself on the crappiest diet of all. It's all rushed snacks and cups of coffee. I'm on caffeine, sugar highs and then, you know it, low, low lows. Throw in cracking headaches and I knew I needed to sort myself out.

I used to always meal plan, and that is something I have definitely let go as our busy lives have got busier. So I'm going back to basics. Meal planning done, A cook off in our kitchen like the good old days happened this week. Casseroles, soups, and lots of lovely purees for Archie boy, are all currently taking up our fridge and freezer.

Food for thought. Lots and lots of food!

As a result I've had so much more energy this week and zero headaches. I'm still tired, of course I am, my big cook off does not magically make a toddler and baby sleep through the night, I wish! I do however no longer feel sick tired. My energy levels are so much better, and I don't get to midday anymore and feel completely exhausted, only mildly so ;)

This week has been about remembering that I'm important too. Yes, the boys are my top priority but that doesn't mean forgetting about my own needs also. Balance is key, and I'm on the road to figuring out this new routine of ours.


  1. Tired but looking oh so good! Loving that jacket. Now go eat! X

    1. Oh thank you, honey. You'll be pleased to know I've been eat, eat, eating!! xx

  2. Welcome to the club!! I wear my badge with honor!! I hate to admit it .....but once u become a member you are a member for life! But you sweet Mommy are ahead of most.....you have to make yourself a priority! After all the magic starts with you! :) -Julie-

    1. Club lifers together!!! Thank you for your comment on Caleb's speech therapy post, I left a more rambling reply on that post for you ;) xx