A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!

Oh Christmas 2014, you were wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

I hosted.

Everyone survived ;)

Seriously though, I adored hosting. I thought it would be quite stressful, but it really wasn't. I'd made a conscious decision just before Christmas to stop the pursuit of perfection.

Perfection = Killjoy

I chose instead of running around like a headless chicken, or turkey ;), trying to make everything 'perfect', I would instead enjoy our very own imperfect Christmas.

You see there is one thing I'm learning about myself with age, and that is, the more I faff the more I stress, the more I stress the more I mess things up. Perfect moments become missed moments, 'cause well I was too bloody concerned about making them perfect that I forgot to enjoy them.

I started my biggest 2015 resolution early, and I'm so glad I did.

Simplifying and embracing imperfection.

So instead of focusing on fancy gifts and fancy food, I lapped up every second of the boys big smiles. Archie's first Christmas and for Caleb the first Christmas where the excitement well and truly swept him up. I honestly think two years old is the most beautiful age for Christmas. They really see it for what it is, family and love, and although they are excited about the gifts it's by no means their main focus. Once again those toddlers have a way of schooling us in a thing or two ;)

Oh and guess what, turns out when you let go of wanting everything perfect, and embrace imperfection, it turns out to be your very own type of perfect. Who. Knew? ;)

Here are some shots of our imperfect, perfect Christmas...

Caleb and Archie had their own tree in their room this year. This was a little tradition my mum did with me when I was younger and I have the fondest memories of it. Caleb was in heaven, it was such a joy to watch him garishly dress his tree. I think each branch averaged about three baubles! The boy's having their own tree also meant Caleb kept his paws off the main tree in our living room. Yes, Grandma Liverpool, your cunning plan from yesteryear all makes sense now ;)

and then the main event happened....

Christmas Eve bubbles :)

Christmas morning, so many smiles, which sadly I missed, but then not so sad as I was too busy enjoying them to capture them on camera.


  1. Imperfection = PERFECTION! I truly am a believer of that! I too hosted Christmas and must agree with everything in your post sweet mommy! The smiles on those angel's faces shows that your mission was accomplished....a perfect Christmas! Wishing you many imperfect = PERFECT days in 2015! Happy Happy New Year from PA, USA -Julie-

    1. Wishing you a truly wonderful 2015, Julie! Here's to embracing the imperfect, perfect all year round, right!! ;)