Spending one on one creative time with this guy is so important to me. He has taken Archie coming into our lives completely in his stride, and as much as I love daily activities as a three, I know that it is also important that they get that much needed one on one time from me also, for Caleb especially with his speech.

Recently we have adored stickering (hmm pretty sure that's not a word, but I'm going with it ;)) together thanks to Pipsticks.

Pipsticks is a monthly kids sticker subscription with the most gorgeous sticker packages delivered straight to your door. It also happens to be the brainchild of a lovely mama herself, Maureen. I adore not only finding new companies with a great idea, but companies that are ran by mothers themselves. I always find it so inspiring. You can read more about Maureen and what inspired her here.

Anyhoo back to the sticker fun!

On opening the pack I was met with squeals of delight from Caleb that got higher and higher as he spotted all the different sheets. Like seriously, my poor ears. What was really wonderful for us is that it's a great task for focusing on Caleb's speech, naming what all the stickers were, the colours, the shapes etc.

This was such an enjoyable thing to do together, especially since I was quite the sticker enthusiast when I was younger. Any of you UK lot remember Stationary Box??! I swear I kept that place afloat with my pocket money!

For us it was also a great task to work on Caleb's focus. This is one I always find tricky as Caleb is a really physical kid, he's at his happiest when he's running about. I don't want to ever force him to do sit down activities, but I equally know that it's important that he does. It was lovely to see him so focused when playing with the stickers, it wasn't a chore keeping him alert and entertained, the stickers did that for me. Win, win.

It's lovely watching Caleb's interests unfold outwith running around like a Tasmanian devil, I honestly think it's the key to his speech development.  He's slowing down, taking in the world more, his curiosity for what everything is called grows daily. It is a pleasure to watch and even lovelier to be a part of.

For all you sticker fans out there Pipsticks, is offering you a free months subscription if you sign up to either a six or twelve month subscription. All you need to do is enter LITTLEHOUSE11 at checkout, or if you don't want to commit to a subscription why not try their taster pack and see if it's something your children would enjoy, and yourself of course ;)

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