You know those days out that you plan in your head? About how much fun it will be and then it's the biggest let down because, well, kids, and their freaking unpredictable nature. Well I'm happy to report this was NOT one of those days. It played out exactly as I planned in my head, dare I say even better?! God help us on our next day out which I'm sure will kill this smug disposition. But ahhh, lets just enjoy the short-lived smugness while we can, us parents deserve that at least!

With a holiday Monday and no set plans we decided to head out to Cairnie Fruit Farm as we knew strawberry picking was still available and seeing as our boys can eat strawberries by the bucket load, we thought it would be fun for them to see how they are grown and get to pick them fresh. They loved it so much. Caleb was squealing whenever he found a really big strawberry, Archie was picking the smallest ones he could possible find, and I think by the end of it they finally grasped the concept of what was a ripe strawberry ;)

If you're not familiar with Cairnie Farm and you live or are visiting Scotland, it's a must with kids. It's best known for it's giant maize maze, but if you want to still catch it you'll need to hurry as they cut it down in October and feed it to the cattle. The boys loved running around it all while giving us mini heart attacks every time they went out of sight. Ahh who am I kidding, we tried to dump them in there but they were totally on to us and somehow found their way out ;)

A personal highlight for me though had to be the field of sunflowers. There's just something about sunflowers. Their colour. Their sheer size. They're happiness in a flower. Seeing a big crop of them all standing tall, all turned towards the sun was beautiful. You can also cut them yourself to buy, four stems for £1!!! Part of me wanted to take them all home, another part felt bad cutting them down. So I settled for four stems, which are still making me smile dotted around our house.

Before we knew it the best part of the day was done and Archie hadn't napped. They were still having so much fun at the play park there, but ya know how a missed nap can go. One minute life is good. Who needs naps?! Naps are for the weak. Then just like that they hit a brick wall and it's the end of the world. So before we got to that point we got ourselves back in the car and headed towards Anstruther, giving Archie just enough time to have a snooze.

I love Anstruther, it's so pretty and home to the BEST fish and chips.

If there's one thing I could change about where we live it would be that I wish we were nearer to the sea. The boys are always so content at the beach, wadding in the water, playing in the sand. The minutes quickly turn into hours. We planned to grab fish and chips and just eat them on the beach, but my little waders got a little too adventurous and soon water filled their wellies, much to Caleb's joy as he tipped the water out. It was starting to get chilly as the sun set, so off we went for fish and chips with hot cups of tea. The perfect end to a pretty, darn perfect Monday.

* For those that are interested, Archie's salopettes can be found here. They are the softest most gorgeous material which I wish they would just make in my size already. His trusty Converse are from here.

Can you believe all summer I needed too bribe Caleb into a t-shirt and now that summer is wrapping up, guess what? I now can't get him in long sleeves. Ahh, kids. He picked this one out himself but similar can be found here. He also chose his Stan Smith trainers because they are the colours of his football team. You can't argue with that.

Similar dungerees that I'm wearing can be found here, and I love wearing light jumpers just as the season changes, you can find similar here. I also swear on my trusty Converse too. I bought these years ago and they are still going strong. Perfect for all weather and all mother conditions ;)