Remember those pre-kids days? You know, back when the world revolved around you?

Take packing to go away for example. You can guarantee I'd have two weeks worth of outfits for myself even though I was just away for a weekend, because well you never know what you might need?! 

Then you have kids. Forget outfits. All of a sudden you can't leave the house without taking the house with you. My family are in Liverpool so we are well versed on short haul travel. I still laugh when I think back to what we packed in the car for a our very first visit to Liverpool with Caleb. We couldn't see out of the back window, everything was strategically placed to not squish our precious cargo (Caleb ;)) before we even got there.

I would crave (still do) my visits back to Liverpool, but the packing would literally bring me out in a cold sweat. I packed like my mum didn't have a washing machine or like Tesco wasn't just around the corner. For some reason I felt a years supply of nappies was needed, oh just in case there was an unexpected shortage at the other end. Packing became silly and stressful, and the irony would be I'd be lucky if I had a clean pair of knickers for myself. Ahh how the times change.

Then Archie came along, and I thought how the hell will we get to Liverpool. Hire a mini-van?? So I decided to do the exact opposite. I finally learnt to not pack like a crazed lunatic who thought she was never returning home again. I now only pack the absolute essentials for short haul. 

There's also companies like Storksak taking the hard work out of packing and travelling for us poor pack horses, I mean parents, too. They've just launched their new travel range, all thoughtfully designed with busy, travelling parents in mind. Their new cabin carry-on couldn't have come at a better time for us as Edinburgh airport have started flights back up to Liverpool again. We live super close to the airport now too which makes flying our easiest option. 

So to give you a better look at the bag I thought I'd so something highly embarrassing and upload a little youtube video for you. You. Are. Welcome.

Or well actually maybe it should be me apologising to you. So, yeah. I'M SORRY.  I'm super awkward in it, I say, 'erm' about a thousand times, and my accent is a weird mix of Liverpool and Scottish. I know what you're thinking, youtube sensation right there. But honestly, I find these types of videos useful when researching an item I'm after, and hey, it's good to step out of our comfort zones every now and then, isn't it?! Please say, yes ;)

So if you watched the video you will see the clever insert that is included with this bag. I love that at the other end you can simply take the insert out and pop it on a rail. I think this also makes the bag a cracking candidate for a hospital bag too. You can pack and have everything organised so it's easy to find, plus it has wheels. Which makes life so much easier when you leave the hospital with your newborn in a carseat, still in shock by the fact that they are really allowing you to leave with your baby on your own ;). I tell you this fact was not lost on me second time around either. 

Another positive to this range by Storksak is it's one for the dads too. The bags are stylish, well made without leaning towards a particular gender. I'd actually recommend the cabin carry-on to everyone not just to parents.

Ahh look at my two goof balls! Caleb is going through such a funny stage just now, he's all about playing jokes and making people laugh. Which as you can see Archie laps up.

* This post was in partnership with Storksak, all views and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for continuing to support the select brands we work with which help make this blog possible.


  1. What an amazing bag! Love it and such great idea having the compartments to go inside! Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone too for the video, you're a natural!
    Much love xxx

  2. Love this post Claire ! You are so funny , I adore your sense of humour and that bag is gorgeous