Last weekend was one of those really lovely weekends, you know that weekend when you start to feel all Christmassy but you've yet to feel any of the stress of it? I've got that light festive feeling, not yet consumed with what presents I need to be buying or menus I need to be planning. It was just a bust your new knits out, get all wrapped up and finish the weekend off with a lovely Sunday in the city.

Thanks to the lovely people over at FatFace, who gave me a little sneak preview of their winter collection this season, I'm feeling well-equipped for the quick change in weather. I love their Catherington Cable Jumper, to me it's not winter without a big chunky polo neck and I love the button back detail on this one. My absolute favourite item though has to be their Cumbria Longline Puffer coat. Have you ever had major coat envy when it comes to your children? I do, every year when I wrap them up in a good coat with a big fluffy hood. I've been on the hunt for a decent coat (that doesn't cost a million pounds) for. ever. Well the search is over, the child coat envy is over, I have my very own one, and it has a massive hood which actually covers my head when it rains. Tall girl problems ;)

I really like FatFace's ethos, they believe in good quality clothes that are made to last and with each wash just get better and better, which can only be a good thing when kids are involved ;). NEVER have I washed my clothes as much since becoming a mum.

Caleb asked for a picture with his branch and of course, I obliged. He really has that model staring off into the distance look nailed, doesn't he?!

We decided to head over to Stockbridge for a nice little walk and to have a mooch around their Sunday market. If you've not been it's definitely a must, lots of lovely yummy food cooked there and plenty of fresh supplies to take home with you. I did hope to capture some pictures of it but it was absolutely rammed (with good reason) and a little too busy to see everything with the boys. Mikey and I both had the same thought, ditch the kids one sunday and come back to really sample all the offerings.

We left the market and headed over to Comet & Blitzen, a new Christmas pop-up bar in the area. Now anywhere that sells good wine and has a Christmas-inspired menu is good with me. The atmosphere is chilled and welcoming with an elegant nod to Christmas, the perfect start to getting into the festive spirit. As we sipped on prosecco and the boys coloured with the crayons and paper quickly supplied by staff we decided what to order.

Archie gasped when he saw the presents and cried, 'Santa!!', quickly followed by, 'For me?'. Eh, no son, not for you I'm afraid. Something tells me Christmas morning is going to be a whole lot of fun this year though.

We decided on the Big Christmas Sharer, Brie and Spiced Cranberry open sandwich, and macaroni cheese for the boys, and a side of thick cut chips. Everything was delicious with lovely attention to flavours. You will not be finding dry turkey and soggy veg at this establishment. I'm hosting Christmas this year and it really has me inspired for cooking classics with a little twist.

The meal wouldn't have been complete without the chocolate fondue. We actually missed the fact it said chilli chocolate with the fondue, huge parent fail potential right there ;) Thankfully the staff doubled checked with us and then offered that they could do it without the chilli element for the boys. It was the boys first chocolate fondue and a huge hit. 

Michael and I are always on the search for places like this. Somewhere where you can get a nice drink, some good food, and feel comfortable with your kids there, knowing they'll be welcome and well catered for. This ticked all the boxes and has kicked off the festive season good and proper.

I just had to include this shot. Daddy, Archie and the big giant red peppermill. A picture taken by Caleb. I may have found myself a new chief blog photographer ;)

Can we just take a moment to all hail the hood. Seriously, I will not miss the front of my hair getting wet every time it bloody rains. Happy, happy girl.

You can find my new love, aka 'The Coat' here. The jumper I'm wearing is here, along with the scarf and mittens.

*this post is in collaboration with FatFace, all opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support the companies that help make this blog possible.

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