Something quite rare happened recently, both Michael and I got to spend a few hours together with just Archie. Caleb was away for a few hours at a birthday party which meant Archie had us all to himself. To say his little face lit up at the attention was an understatement. I've always believed in the power of one on one time with a child when they have siblings. That little bit of time carved out just for them can be a tonic from busy family life. I had however forgot just how important it is for our boys to get time on their own time with both Michael and I together too.

One of my most vivid birthday memories was when I turned 10 and I got to go out for dinner with just my mum and dad in the evening. I remember it feeling like such a huge deal. One, to be out late. Two, that it was just going to be the three of us. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant or tell you what I ate for dinner, but I do remember that feeling of being special. The type of spotlight I think every child craves for occasionally.

What we also noticed was just how chatty and engaged he was having us all to himself. He was a happy calm, something we've not seen a whole lot of lately. His behaviour has pretty much ticked every toddler nightmare box lately, so these few hours were a tonic for us all. It helped remind Michael and I that underneath all the toddler angst he's still our happy boy, who squealed at the sight of yellow fields as far as his little eye could see. He definitely gets that from his mama. Every year the sight of these fields makes me happy, and I'm happy to report no pouring noses or watery eyes this year for any of us, hence the photo op ;)

Seeing Archie so giddy made us so happy but also gave us that pang of guilt. We've been comparing his behaviour to Caleb a lot lately, which really isn't fair considering the two year age gap. Memory is a funny thing isn't it? Caleb is so chilled and sweet-natured that it of course highlights Archie's erratic toddler antics all the more at the minute. Yet if we actually look back to Caleb's behaviour at Archie's age we went through the trickiest spell, all the more intensified by what would later be diagnosed as a speech delay.

In short, we need to just chill out, stop comparing and ride the toddler storm, it does help that he's ridiculously funny and has a smile that instantly causes you to forgive everything. His speech has come on leaps and bounds these last few weeks too, which is probably at the root of his behaviour. Nothing spells crazy behaviour like a new development stage. I do however think a little more one on one time with both Michael and I, is just what's needed for him too. A chance to be Archie, and not little brother all the time.

In other news I decided to go blonder. I'd like to tell you it's just because I want to go lighter for the summer, but the main reason was to help disguise the grey. Amazing. I blame two stints of todderhood for that ;)

I'm still as you can see obsessed with blue, frills and cuff details. This one kinda reminds me of the summer dresses I used to wear in Primary school and in fact they do it in a dress too! Also is it just me or is it hard to find good straight leg jeans that don't have rips in them??! Does that make me sound really old? Hell, I don't care. I love ripped jeans but sometimes you just want to disguise the fact you  haven't shaved your legs for weeks!

Oh and please tell me I'm not the only one who hears Coldplay's song, Yellow, in my head every time I see these fields?? Seriously, for me. Every. Time. 



  1. What a beautiful post my darling! The most gorgous pics for you and your little man (bravo Mikey!) and so many framers...I couldn't pic a favourite!! I so know what you mean about one on one time, you've really made me think about that and it makes perfect sense! Oh and you look smokin hot with the blonde so be thankful for the greys...they made you do it! ;-) xxx

    1. Thank you, honey! It was such a lovely few hours and something we will try more to do when the chances arise.

      Ha, and the reasons to go blonder just get a little bit sadder the older you get hey?! xx

  2. These photos are stunning Claire! I also really remember when my parents spent one-on-one time with me and like you I felt so special! It's reminded me of how important it is to do the same with Hugo & Remy so thank you! Also just saying, you look gorgeous!!!!! LOVE the outfit xxx

  3. Errrr excuse mrs! You're just stunning! Love your hair, your outfit - these photos are so beautiful! And just lush re little Archie, I bet he loved having you to himself xxx