I'm usually that person who takes down the Christmas decorations in January and then despairs how bland and empty everything looks. Not this year though because just as all the decorations were packed away for another year, the chair of my dreams arrived filling that Christmas decor void.

You may remember I went on a press trip with DFS to see their new collaboration with Joules a few months back. I was thoroughly impressed with the whole range and also got to help upholster my own chair and design my own cushion. I was just a tad excited about this as you can imagine, if you missed it you can find the blog post here.

The timing couldn't have been more apt for the chair arriving. A new year. A new statement piece for our home.

I always get super nervous when introducing a new piece of furniture to our home. Kinda like bringing a new boyfriend home, will everyone approve? By everyone, I mean my other furniture. Obviously ;). What looks beautiful in the showroom or on the internet, might not necessarily fit or blend in well with the rest of the room when it arrives. It tends to take me time to fully like new pieces we add to our home.

Then there's the rare pieces that are love at first sight as soon as they arrive. The last time that happened was when our dining table and bench arrived, and now that accolade goes to this Joules Accent Chair. It's like someone delivered Spring to my door, and completed our kitchen space with one rip of the cellophane.

I've always felt our kitchen/living area was missing something, everything is fairly neutral in this area, even the patterned rug, that I think it needed a statement piece to bring it altogether. I worried about a potential clash with the rug and chair but I feel it's just about the right amount of clash. That's a thing, right?!

Also, from a practical point of view, we love watching the television in the kitchen and the small chair we had here originally wasn't the comfiest if you were settling down to a night of telly. Now we are all arguing over who gets to sit in the Joules chair, the chair I keep reminding everyone is my throne. Nobody seems to be listening though.

Did I mention she's velvet?! I know, this fact alone made me fall a little deeper in love. I did question whether I was raving mad picking velvet over cotton with having young boys. My aim has always been to make a beautiful but functional home, as I don't want to be constantly telling the boys to be careful or to mind their sticky fingers. That being said I also think it's good for children to respect their surroundings too, and that starts at home. So my velvet furniture love has finally been indulged!

Along with the chair arrived the cushion that I designed too. It's an embarrassing effort next to the chair itself, but put on our other couch it brings a pop of colour and the floral element too. It also serves as a reminder to what awesome experiences I had in 2017, and I hope this year follows suit.

I actually can't believe we're in 2018 already and the weeks are zooming by too. This year I want to be bolder in my choices, in all aspects of life. From my attitude and self-confidence, to my furniture and interior choices. 

You can find the whole DFS Joules collection here. If you want a truly stunning piece of furniture with exceptional attention to detail then look no further.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Wishing you the very best for 2018 and I cannot wait to share more on the blog with you this year.

* This post is proudly sponosored by DFS. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Gorgeous Bruv well done lovely post x

  2. I absolutely adore it, Claire!!! It makes me want to inject more colours and patterns into my home xx

  3. Third time lucky! Really stunning post darling. I adore that chair and where you’ve put it, it’s looks fabulous in that space. You’re so creative, I’m inspired to think outside the box a bit with colour for sure! Gorgeous darling xxxx

  4. Claire! I absolutely love how the chair looks in your magazine ready home!! Talk about statement chair indeed :) So gorgeous - as is your cushion, you clever cookie you! And I properly chuckled at your line about being nervous about introducing the chair to the rest of your furniture - so witty you are with your beautiful writing xxx