It's funny how your age and circumstances can can totally change your perspective on certain things. In the past I've always been baffled as to why anyone would part with a lump sum of money when it came to a vacuum cleaner. Surely a bog standard vacuum does the same job, why the big price tag??

Then I had kids.

What I never really full appreciated until I was knee deep in dirty nappies was how these adorable little beings were going to increase household chores tenfold. My corded vacuum that was used to its fortnightly outing (ahh vacuuming only every two weeks, those were the days!), was now being dragged out of the cupboard daily, just what every sleep deprived mum of two wants. You can insert eye rolling emoji in here.

I thought the answer was a £20 handheld vacuum, because the cordless prices still seemed ridiculous to me then. I laugh now when I think about that, as I literally parted with £20 to spend more time on my hands and knees picking up after my children. A dust pan and brush, which I already had under the sink, was just as effective.

Before I lost my mind at the idea of pulling out my vacuum after yet another snack time, I decided it was time to put my money where my complaining mouth was. I bought the Dyson DC44 Animal (no longer available, I think the V8 is it's predecessor), granted I didn't have pets but I had a toddler and a baby. What I didn't have in pet hairs I made up for in crumbs. If I was going to part with my hard earned cash I wanted the big guns.

It was a game changer. I was blown away, my most hated chore now just seemed like second nature. After any meal or snack I could give a quick blast of my Dyson and it was job done. The joy this brought one sleep deprived mother can't be measured. I was now that loser who talked about their vacuum to friends, to anyone who listened for that fact. That was four years ago now, not a single problem with it and still going strong. I use my cordless vacuum for all my hard floors and my corded one for all my carpets, but I've dreamt of the day I could ditch my corded vacuum for good.

So you can imagine my delight when Dyson asked me to try out and review their Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute cordless vacuum, I'm not even ashamed to admit how excited I was. This is the cordless vacuum that has only gone and made Dyson STOP developing plugged in versions. My cord free prayers answered!

First impressions.

It certainly looks the part, and considering it's packing the power of a corded vacuum, it's still lightweight. It comes with various attachments, but most importantly, two main heads. One for your flooring, and the other for carpets and rugs. I first tested out the floors, I only did the area surrounding the breakfast bar and I literally couldn't believe my eyes. I expected the crumbs and usual breakfast debris, but not the amount of dust! The suction ability that Dyson promised cannot be denied, it was there for my own eyes to see. You can see below in this short video, if anyone thought I always have a clean and tidy house, it turns out I'm just tidy!

After doing the floors in my kitchen another thing I was impressed with was how clean the head was afterwards. Usually I expect to see hair tangled up in the head and just general dust and dirt. The head was spotless. The suction is clearly that powerful everything is going straight into the chamber when you use the hard floor attachment.

In the video you can see I move onto my rugs. As most of you will know I'm a big fan of a gorgeous rug, usually throughout the spring and summer months I go old school and hang them outside and give them a good beating. Obviously with the time of year that's not been happening. After seeing the dirt picked up from my laminate floors I knew the rugs were going to be grim. The Dyson V10 boasts that it deep cleans your carpets, and they have reason to boast. I was shocked by just how much dust and dirt was pulled up when to the naked eye the rugs looked relevantly fine.

I loathe vacuuming stairs, I actually blame living in a flat for all my adult years until we moved into our house two years ago. I find it's the point in the house that is the most awkward to vacuum, but could actually do with it daily as it gets the most traffic. By simply unclicking the pole that makes the vacuum upright, it turns it into a hand held vacuum. With the various attachments it makes it perfect for stairs, those hard to reach places, dusting and for cleaning the car too.

Great for dusting
With a retractable brush head this is great for hard to reach places and ceilings

We find living in a new build the dust is unforgiving. I think due to the amount of natural light we get, our many white walls, and new build straight lines, every speck of dust shows up. As you can see in our video, cleaning the ceilings and all those cobweb corners is made super easy. It also shows how Dyson have still managed to keep this cordless vacuum lightweight even with a chamber that's 40% bigger than their other cordless vacuums. Another feature I love is how to empty the chamber, you point and shoot into your bin, which means you don't need to get anywhere near the delights you've just vacuumed up.

The Dyson V10 lets you know when you need to empty the chamber, if there's any other issues with vacuum, and how much charge you have in the battery. With the charge time I found I could vacuum my entire house on the medium setting. If the vacuum is on the high setting you don't get as much battery life, but I can only see me using the high setting occasionally, and when I do, for a short amount of time anyway.

Overall I am completely impressed. It's time to finally retire my corded vacuum. I'd like to say I have fond memories, but I don't. Lugging around a heavy vacuum and constantly de-tangling the cord whilst having two children underfoot is not my idea of a good time. I was sold with my Dyson cordless four years ago and it's safe to say my love affair will continue. Yes, the price tags are enough to make you wince, but when you use something as often as a vacuum, I honestly think it's an appliance worth saving for and making that investment.

*this post is proudly sponsored by Dyson, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! From one fellow Dyson lover to another, I echo everything you said - it's the best gift a Mother could ever receive! Love it xxx

    1. I never thought I'd see the day I looked forward to vacuuming!! The Dyson love is strong, ha! xx

  2. I’m so happy you’re working with Dyson because you are litterally the reason that I am considering investing in one! It sounds AMAZING and I love all your pictures!! - off to work on Col ❤️

    1. It is a complete game changer! I for one never thought I'd be waxing lyrical about a vacuum, but here I am and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it!! It makes life sooooo much easier with kids xx

  3. **adds Dyson V10 to extension budget**

  4. Claire this sounds amazing!!! I. Need. One. In. My. Life!!!! And don’t blame. You being excited - show me a parent with kids who says they wouldn’t be and I’ll show you a liar!! And I loved you Stories! I kept rewatching the rug one - couldn’t believe it because they looked spotless before you used it!!!xx