When Caleb asked if we could decorate his room this new year, my answer was a big YES. You see when we moved into our new build home four years ago, my first thought was we needed to make Caleb's room as homely as possible. I was aware the transition to a new home and new nursery might have been hugely unsettling for him, so at least if his room felt like his own that might help. It was the first room we completed, and when I say completed, there wasn't much we could do other than add accessories, because as with any new build, they advise not to repaint or wallpaper in the first 12 months. So his room was put together very quickly with the plan that we'd come back to it once we could wallpaper or paint. Fast forward four years and not much had changed, so when he asked I was excited to help him decorate his room, even if that did mean saying goodbye to a few items he's outgrown. His teepee being one of them, a first birthday present from his grandparents, which I could have happily let him keep it in his room until he was 25, but obviously Caleb didn't agree. 

I feel like Caleb is at a slightly tricky age when it comes to designing his room. At nearly 8 years old, I didn't want anything too young that would only last him a few years, nor did I want anything too old. I wanted his room to reflect him, playful and relaxed. So we started looking with the idea of maps, travel and animals in mind, just a few of his favourite things.

That's when I had a very exciting email land in my inbox, one of those rare golden nuggets that couldn't have been better timed if it tried. It was from the lovely people at, Newbie announcing the UK launch of their homeware range, Newbie Room. Not only that but to celebrate their 10th anniversary they are also collaborating with the very prestigious Swedish Wallpaper house, Borastapeter, with the launch of 32 hand-drawn designed, non-toxic wallpapers. At this point I hadn't seen any of the designs but having worked with Newbie previously and being huge fans of their aesthetic and brand ethos, I was excited to see what their homeware offerings would be.

As I imagined, I was not disappointed when I finally got to see the whole range, and more importantly nor was Caleb, who instantly set his heart on the Adventures blue wallpaper. This stunning wallpaper is not only beautiful in it's detailing but in it's colour tone too. The paper is high quality and paste to wall, making it fairly straightforward to hang.

Designing a new room from scratch can feel pretty overwhelming, that's why I always focus on one element and build the room around that, and this wallpaper was definitely that item for Caleb's room. In the flesh the wallpaper (as does the whole range) has such a beautiful, timeless quality to it, lending itself perfectly to the vintage school desk and chair I scoured high and low for, after Caleb said he would love a desk in his room for writing and drawing.

Newbie, are known for being affordable and sustainable, so to see them expand into homeware is such good news. Their soft toys, fabric storage baskets, bunting and bedding range is all 100% organic cotton with so many lovely designs. For the bedding Caleb chose the Whale design and Whale soft toy, making a lovely new addition to his beloved penguin collection ;).

Another Newbie addition to Caleb's room are the paper storage boxes, now home to his cars and lego, which come in two sizes and fit perfectly under his bed. You can never have too much storage in a child's room, that is definitely something I've learnt over the years.

I'm so impressed with Newbie's first offering of homeware, you can click here to have a peek at the whole range. There's something for every child's imagination. They also have the most adorable pyjamas this season, which wait for it, have a little matching top to go with their favourite teddy or doll. Caleb and Archie are wearing the Island Adventure pyjamas.

There you have Caleb's new room. His face was an absolute picture when he saw his room, taking in every detail and loving it all. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Newbie, and create a room for Caleb to love for years to come. Not only are their designs beautiful and timeless but more importantly they are sustainable, 100% organic, and non-toxic. They are all products with our child's well-being in mind, which is something I am absolutely proud to be championing.

* This post has been marked AD as it is a paid partnership with Newbie. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Newbie did not have creative control over this post and the link to all items in this post are NOT affiliate links.

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