Sunday, 13 September 2015


Michael turned to me in the car the other day and said, 'Do you remember when we said we could never imagine the day we would just want Caleb to shut up and stop talking for five minutes?'

'Yes', I smiled. Oh yes I remember that well.

We both burst out laughing as Caleb's voice hollered from the backseat, 'Mama? Mama? Daddy? Daddy?' for the gazillionth time that day.

It's happened. A month off turning three and half years old and our little man has found his voice, and we literally can't shut him up.

He's full of questions, his new found speech has awoken his curiosity to the world, wanting to know the name of anything and everything, and the slightest sounds sets off his favourite question, 'What's that noise?!'.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him chatting away. We are now getting a proper insight into our loving, kind and funny boy and what's best is so is everyone else. If you asked me what has been one of the hardest things about Caleb's speech delay I would definitely say the barrier it's created to the outside world, and watching the amazing boy I knew inside being dominated mostly by frustration, temper and tears on the outside. Watching him shed that barrier and form proper relationships outwith our family makes me proud beyond measure, and so happy for him.

So keep talking my boy. Give us all your questions. You've got our full attention. If you can however adjust your volume button though it would be much appreciated ;)

Here are some of our favourite Caleb chats recently...

'Can I go to the moon? Please, mama. pleeeeeeease.'

Unable to hold his hand as I was carrying bags and pushing Archie in the pram. 'It's okay, mama. You gotta go the doctor, alright.'

We've weaned him off his much loved cap for when he's at nursery so every day when we leave he tells his cap, 'Don't worry, hat. I've got to go to nursery, hat. I'll see you soon. Byeeeeeeeeeee.'

'Mama, ooooouch sore belly, mama.'  Me - 'Are you hungry, Caleb?'. Caleb - 'Yes, mama'

'See you tomorrow toys. I gotta go home.' As we leave the Tesco toy aisle when we're doing our food shop. This is as much adorable as it is a relief. Ha!

Friday, 28 August 2015


Apologies for disappearing there.....again. We've been busy. Not watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians busy, I'm pleased to report I've kicked that nasty habit :p, though in fairness like any good tv junkie I've swapped it for something else. Sons Of Anarchy, like ALL seven seasons. If you're like me and was clearly on another universe when this show aired for like seven years and missed it, watch it. Trust me, watch it. 

Anyway I'm totally rambling and going off topic, we've been really busy, like real life busy. WE MOVED HOUSE! Now when they say moving house is up there with one of the most stressful things you can do in life they weren't bloody kidding. I swear after our move I feel like I'm allergic to stuff. Seriously, why do we all insist on needing so much stuff in our lives?!

I hate my post-hoarding self. That self that thought it was important to keep every card that has ever been given to us. Every receipt, as come on, that £15 H&M top receipt from 2007 is totes important, right?! Every bit of furniture I've ever owned sat languishing in the garage, because well you never know when you might one day live in a home that requires three coffee tables, three extra mattresses and two broken wardrobes. Like. Really.

What was particularly stressful about our move is the fact we weren't moving into our next home straight away. Our home is currently being built and won't be ready until the end of November. Therefore packing our home up required sorting what would be going into storage, what would go to Mikey's family for three weeks whilst we waited for our temporary rental to become available, and then what we would need for the rental (note a change in season too during this time, oh joy, winter brain on in summer) that would then be stored in Michael's sister's garage for the time being. I can now laugh when I reread this but at the time, surrounded by all our stuff destined for different destinations I thought I was losing the plot. My days were filled with sorting everything out, as paying storage on stuff we actually didn't need is well, just stupid. So daily I felt like I was drowning in stuff, making more of a mess than actual progress.

But here we are, unbelievably, as mid pack I thought I'd never see this point. Ever. That part is over and we're currently in what feels like no man's land. Closed one chapter but not yet started the next. I don't think it's actually set in that we've left our home never to return, although we were completely ready to leave that place will forever be written on my heart. The place we brought our babies home.

Gahhh makes me realise how much of a home bird I've become, and how ready I am to build a new nest for my babies. A home I swear won't have too much stuff in (she says oh so confidently).

So tips for moving, especially if you have little ones.....

As soon as your house goes on the market start sorting through your stuff. If you have a quick sale you can feel happy and smug with yourself for being so organised and if you have to wait a little bit longer to sell you'll be happy and smug with yourself for being so organised (see what I did there?)

NOTE: I did not do said above and my sanity paid dearly.

Be brutal. This is the time to really assess what you really need in your life. Clothing, furniture, everything. I cant recommend enough having the mindset of would you pay storage for this item?. Regardless if you're going into storage or not. It's been such a good thing for me to let a lot of stuff go. Nostalgia can live in the heart, it doesn't need to be hanging at the back of my wardrobe or collecting dust in a garage. Sell or donate. You'll feel better for it, and when you get to your new home you won't have that stuff rotting in a box because well, you don't really need it or have anywhere for it to go right now. 

Say yes to any help you can get, because trust me, you're going to need it, especially with childcare.

Avoid big huge boxes for packing. Smaller boxes are soooo much easier to pack and carry. Label the box as soon as it's filled, what's in it and where you would like it put in the new house. Take it from me even if you only leave the box for half hour unlabelled you won't have a clue what you packed in it when you go back to it. Mix all your soft furnishings and towels etc with your heavier items. A very simple and somewhat obvious observation you would think, right?! Yep, apparently not for me to start with.

Wine and Sons of Anarchy as reward time. I tell ya, a bit of Jax Teller and your packing woes are put on hold for 45 minutes ;)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Remember that one time, when it was summer?

Ya know. That whole four days we had a few weeks back?

Not that I'm counting or anything, but seriously has summer checked out early on us or something? I bought all-in-one waterproof bodysuits for the boys yesterday, I mean, come on, Scotland!! On the upside they were half price, with them being out of season and all, so there is that at least ;)

Anyway, the reason why I'm ranting about the weather (other than it being an age thing) is the next time it is dry weather you have, HAVE TO, visit Jupiter Artland. If you've been before I know you're nodding in absolute agreement with me, and if you've not, you are going to love it.

Set in acres of land is a stunning outdoor gallery filled with all sorts of artwork and installations. There is no set way for you to go, no begining or end, just a continuous journey of discovery where at points your breath will honestly be taken away.

I must warn you, it's about to get picture heavy ;)

Armed with our map, I have to say I just loved the non set route approach, with a headstrong three year old in tow it was refreshing to not have to utter the words, nooooo not that way......this way! (Cue crying. Cue meltdown city. Cue bribing) Instead Caleb bounced ahead eager to see what was around each corner, as did we.

All my boys ♥

Gahhh where's my baby gone?! My almost walking, climbing crazy boy.

Oh you know just trying to eat a pencil, after that a stone, some grass, the daisies. Just you're average one year old diet :/

Caleb was chuffed with his milk bottle and straw, as was Daddy with his beer ;)

Meanwhile, Archie was flirting with everyone and anyone :P

I just adore how he loves to feed us, albeit even when it is a half eaten soggy crisp.

What a face!!!

Hello Forth Rail Bridge ^^^

See what I mean?! So cool, hey.

We can't wait to go back, I feel like there is so much more to see and do. You hear that, Scottish weather?? Sort your act out, preferably by tomorrow as we head of to Elie. Please and thank you ;)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I've been so curious about reusable nappies ever since I had the cross over period of both Caleb and Archie in nappies. It was only a short period, but boy, did we go through what felt like a gazillion nappies, and yes, I am prone to exaggeration, but seriously I feel this number was not far off :/

Throw in the horrendous fact that it would take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose, and it appears there will be a lasting mark left on this planet by my little family long after we are gone, and not the one I would have hoped for!

So with that not so lovely thought in mind, I was thrilled to hear about the company, gNappies. As always I continue to be drawn to companies set up by parents themselves, I find it so incredibly inspiring. Especially parents like, Kim and Jason, who's company, gNappies, tackles the problem of disposable nappies head on with their adorable, comfortable and reusable alternative, gPants.

The fit is snug and comfortable with Archie smiles as seal of approval ;) 

Good for baby.

Good for the environment.

As if that wasn't enough, gNappies has just teamed up with Christy Turlington Burn' charity Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, to create the adorable elephant design gPants, that Archie is pictured wearing.

In a country where the NHS exists, it's so easy to forget that there are woman around the world who still die during childbirth from minor complications. A sad, sad fact, especially as most of the deaths are preventable.

With every purchase of the limited edition gentle giant gPants, gNappies will give 50% of the net proceeds to Every Mother Counts. Such an amazing collaboration, that will really make a difference.

If you would like to read more about gNappies and them teaming up with Every Mother Counts, click here. It really is amazing the work they are doing.

The limited edition gentle giants will be available to purchase on Wednesday 3rd June and will be found here.

Now can we please talk about how adorable my little sumo wrestler looks in his gPants??! Being more environmentally friendly and supporting a good cause never looked so good, ha!! Oh I sure do love that baby chub chub of his.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


When your job description reads stay at home mum, it is safe to say you're going to need a little time to yourself occasionally. When I don't, the crazy starts to set in, totally an occupational hazard, but then let's be honest if you applied for this job in the first place you've clearly already got crazy written on your CV ;)

Crazy and proud.

Now when I say time to myself, I generally class a solo trip to the bathroom as a major success, so the opportunity for an entire weekend away with my girls literally had me peeing in my pants, sod the solo toilet trip, I was off to Madrid. Yeah, not so bad for some solo time hey :p

And the cherry on top of the cake? As if Madrid wasn't enough. I didn't organise a single thing except my flight. Now for a person who organises two little people down to the nano second this is a HUGE deal for me. Total. Dream.

So just me, my passport and my hand luggage, off to Madrid I went. It was my first time ever flying abroad solo and I knew once I arrived in Madrid I would have to make my own way to the hotel and that the girls wouldn't be meeting me until later in the evening, no big deal, but for a girl who always has bodies attached to her at all times, to not have, and to be finding my bearings in a foreign country was exhilarating. When I arrived at the hotel after two trains and getting a little lost walking I felt such a rush of achievement. It may sound silly as it's really no big deal, but I think it was so good for me, to realise my capabilities outwith being a mum, to remember the girl that makes the mum.

If finding my hotel on my own made me this happy you could then imagine how spending a weekend with my girls in such an amazing city went down.

Madrid, I love thee. Thank you for making this crazy mama feel gooood.

And my girls, I love you even more ♥

* I can't take credit for finding all the lovely places we ate in and the great hotel we stayed at, but I had to share them with you they were so good. You can thank my girls, Heather and Elaine ;)

We stayed at Praktik Metropol just off the Gran Via. Super central, super easy on the bank balance and lovely attention to detail and style. 

A must see, eat and drink is Mercado de San Miguel or as I like to refer to as HEAVEN on earth. Seriously, I could have stayed there all day. Stall upon stalls of yummy food, you just grab a drink of your choice and then try to figure out what the hell you're going to eat first.

At first glance Madrid's architecture seemed no match to it's good looking sister, Barcelona, but I eat my words. Okay, it may not be as dramatic as Gaudi, but I fell in love with the original shutters and balconies that lined the streets. I just couldn't stop looking up.

No visit to Madrid is complete without a drink at a rooftop bar, we loved The Hat's secret rooftop bar, understatedly cool, and if you want a bit of glamour of an evening head over to Me Melia's The Roof.

Blue skies for days ♥

If you're a fan of brunch then Dray Martina is the place, and if you're not, what the heck is wrong with you??! ;)
Think freshly squeeze juice, bloody marys, and the best food. I went for the lambwich and I'm still thinking about it.

Until next time Madrid....♥

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