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I grew up in a family where the majority of the household chores were done by the women of the house. I remember moving in with Michael, both bright-eyed and bushy tailed twenty-one year olds and thinking nope, that will absolutely not be me. We both had jobs, why should I be doing the bulk of the chores?? So apart from cooking, not Michael's strong suit unless we wanted to live off balsamic pasta (don't ask!!) or chicken fajitas for the rest our lives, we split the chores up. We even split it down to doing our own clothes washing after he shrunk a very expensive top of mine in with his football wash. I couldn't decide at the time what was worse, the shrunken top or the discovery he'd been doing all of my washing combined with his smelly football wash :/

So when Indesit got in touch about their Big Family Switch Up campaign, it got me thinking about household chores and just how much things have changed now we're a family of four. I watched the video, which you can see below, and I could see similarities of ourselves in all the families featured.

Since becoming a stay at home mum I've definitely taken on the bulk of the responsibilities, therefore it was no surprise to me when I took the survey that we came out as Traditionalists. I know, I know, my twenty-one year old self would be giving me the major eye roll just now, but to me it made sense. Michael is at work all day and the family home is in all intense purposes my work environment. 

Watching the video did however highlight a few things that I hate to admit. I've turned into that person who likes set jobs. Michael always does the bins, recycling, and the cleaning of the bathrooms. All three jobs I hate. I'll happily cook, hoover, hang washing and so on rather than do those three jobs.  Also I'm that person who on the occasional off day (eh once a week ;), complains I do the majority of the chores, Michael then tries to help out more and then I criticise that its not like how I do it. Ugh typing that makes me feel like such a control freak. It's made not only me, but Michael realise we're in a bit of a chores rut. He's even threatening to cook ;)

One area I know we have true balance in is our role as parents. We both do everything when it comes to the boys, and we switch up the roles regularly, and because of this we'll rarely argue about anything to do with the boys. It makes me think that if we approached chores the same way maybe we'd argue less and be much happier about them, which is exactly what the Big Family Switch Up campaign is all about.

I'd love to hear how you handle chores in your household? Is it a source of arguments and what family type are you? Are you Traditionalists like us or a Switched Up family? You can find the survey here.

* This post was sponsored by Indesit. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Great post bruv! Paul was assigned cooking as you know as soon as we moved in together ����which I guess isn't very 'traditional' and it's something I often feel guilty about because I literally never switch with him on it. I hate it so much. Michaels balsamic pasta sounds Michelin- level compared to what I. An produce �� But happy to say we pretty much share Elin's care straight down the middle. I'll take a look at the survey, it could make for interesting reading! Xx

  2. Ahh This made me smile! We definitely have set roles in our household too... And as you know cooking is not my strong point. Or anything point ;) Is this rice even cooked?!! lol! Loved reading this - really made me think about our set up too! xx