this little guys has been......
  • standing none stop. the bum shuffling is also picking up speed, who needs to crawl anyway ;)
  • found giving mum and dad head loves (he rubs his head with ours, a sensory thing apparently)
  • in an underwater photo shoot - soooooo excited to see the pics.
  • crying at the word 'no'. houston we have a problem. to be continued......
  • sleeping and napping like a pro, keep up the good work son!
  • caught licking the couch and wall (another sensory thing.....who knew!)
  • finding our fake sneezes hilarious until we over killed it. nothing quite like your baby looking at you as if to say, 'funny the first time, maybe the second time, but 100th?? come on guys get some new material.' point taken.    
as you can see this little house loves a christmas jumper, they're not just for christmas people they're for life :p and that last picture, oh caleb you really do crack us up.   

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  1. I love how you paired shorts with tights! I'm not daring enough to do that yet, but maybe one day....
    And what a darling house you have.
    And that head rubbing, so cute :)

    1. thank you Katie!
      as for the shorts and tights, it's the only way i can get to wear shorts in Edinburgh! even in the summer, sad but true, gotta love Scotland's weather! ;)

  2. I'm absolutely in love with all of these sweaters! You are too cute!
    xo TJ

  3. thank you TJ!! and thank you for stopping by, i recently found your blog and follow on bloglovin, love it!!