my phoned buzzed the other day. text message. i opened it up expecting a text about arrangements with the babas. instead i had the loveliest text, from a friend who is even lovelier. it took me by surprise, such sweet words. there was something about the unexpected nature of it that made the words hold so much more weight. it wasn't provoked, it wasn't necessary, it was just plain lovely.
got me thinking with it being the week of love and all, i'm going send a bit of my own text love out there.

check this little guy out trying to get in on the text love action too <3

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  1. Haha so cute! What is it with little guys and phones? My little boys love them too. Just curious where did you get that shirt from you last post? Really cute!

  2. I know! I try to fob him off with a toy phone but no uh uh I want mummy's iphone thanks!! thanks for stopping by! the shirt was h&m. hope nemo wasn't too harsh on you guys and date night happened :)

  3. Aww that second picture is so cute. What Is with kids and electronics? they're fascinated by them!

    1. thank you Emmett! tell me about it with kids and electronics! you should see him with the ipad when on facetime with our family, he goes crazy!!