this little lady got a night away all to herself. so off i popped with my not so light bag (of course i had to pack the kitchen sink i was away for a WHOLE night) to meet up with my girlies for my friend's hen do.

a lot has happened in our little group, babies, engagements, weddings, 30th's. so much to celebrate, but with that life has got so busy for us all and our meet ups are fewer and further between. so it was a chance for us to catch up, relax, and of course pop a cork or two or three, four, five....

thank you for a wonderful time ladies. i love you loads and i will always partake in an interpretative dance session, i think we've found our new prop with the toilet roll :P

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  1. Yay to days to yourself. You are adorable girl! Loving your outfit!
    xo TJ

    1. thank you TJ! gotta love some girl time!! hope your feeling better!