this little guy has been......

  • desperately wanting to crawl. you can do it son, i know you're frustrated you can't get about as quick as you would like. keep up the good work, once you get that pesky leg from under you you'll be off. promise.
  • obsessed with strawberries. mum not so crazy about the stains though ;)
  • growing growing growing, 9-12 months clothes bite the dust.
  • a little tinker while i was away. up four times in the night. missing mummy (i was missing you) or just amused by seeing daddy's tired face??
  • so funny at dinner times. you're new favourite thing to do is to pretend to feed us but really you're just toying with us and eat it yourself. caleb does not share food.

loved your 'lady and the tramp' moment with your daddy. you make me smile so much son ♥

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