i've never been big on the whole valentine thing. tacky presents and overpriced meals out, no thanks. but today i'm going with it, as i have two valentine's in my life. it was a day of mostly eating strawberries (caleb's new fav food), reading books or should i say chewing in caleb's case, finished off with a play date with friends. all in all just how i'd like to spend every valentine's day. we'll not mention the 'i can't crawl therefore i'll throw an almighty tantrum' episodes hey son ;)

now we're lucky to have grandma heading over to give me and the mr a night to ourselves. thanks grandma! we're going old school and having a date at the flicks and going crazy romantic and stopping by kfc first. who needs candlelight when you've got a chicken bucket!
happy valentine's day folks! ♥

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