caleb's first trip to the seaside in edinburgh. yes we are well aware it's winter but when there's a chance of playing the two pence machines well what can i say, we're willing to layer it up!

so after lunch with a pocket full of change and a happy boy (daddy was off work) we hit the arcade. you'll have to excuse the last three pictures they're not the sharpest, but i couldn't resist. caleb's first shot on a ride! he was so funny and was actually holding the control that made the balloon go up and down much to his delight. (you'll have to remind me of this when i regard these rides with utter disdain when he's older and he's crying to go on one outside the local supermarket) but for now i'm with caleb, this ride rocks!

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  1. So adorable!

  2. I'm a fan of out of season beaches, quite like the fact they're not packed. I remember Scotland having the most amazing beaches when I used to holiday there.