this little guy has been...

  • giving kisses when you ask him for one. need to work on eliminating the tongue though!
  • grabbing our noses with a vice-like grip. seriously caleb you strength is astounding at times.
  • having a growth spurt. you're chubby cheeks are slimming down :( but long live the chubby legs :)
  • crawling. it may only have been a little bit, but people, we have movement!!
  • posting. a term one of caleb's playgroup leaders told me about when i mentioned he was slotting his toys into any gaps he can find. you're so funny son, i'm finding your toys everywhere. for a boy who's not doing a whole lot of crawling that's pretty impressive.
  • having a boy's weekend with daddy while i was in liverpool. you're a charmer when it comes to the ladies but you're a boy's boy at heart. football, pizza, chilling, few more years and it will be beers added onto that list ;)

i missed you so much today on my very first mother's day. thank you for my beautiful cards, i will keep them forever, and thank you for being the best boy for daddy while your aunty jayne and i took your grandma to see 'the script' in liverpool. you should have seen grandma dancing, caleb ;)
thank you ladies for an amazing weekend, i've laughed so much and loved all my cuddles with the other little man in my life, nathan. can't wait to bring caleb to the pool in april. promise we'll go for more fine-dining and drinks :P 
oh and grandad, best. breakfast. ever.

to all the amazing women in my life, you know who you are. happy mother's day ♥


  1. The first picture - TOO CUTE!!!
    And yay for the chubby legs.

    1. i know i can't get enough of his chubby legs!!

  2. Awe, Happy Belated Mothers Day to you!!! I love Caleb's little tweed man pants in the above picture! Too cute!

    1. thank you Momma Burd! i thought those tweed pants were retired with all this nice weather we were having....err not anymore!

  3. Ooh those gorgeous chubby thighs! :)

  4. Oh my gosh!!
    Those rolls on those cute little legs of his.
    I wanna squeeze them! So cute! Gah!!