rewind six months ago when caleb had a nap, i had a nap. simple.
he then went through a stage where he would only nap in his pram when we were out and about, sleeping on a park bench didn't really seem an option. so my naps fell at the wayside. oh but it was good while it lasted, nothing quite like waking up with drool down your face not remembering your own name. how does a nap do that to you?! i swear it's the deepest, most wonderous type of sleep. so now when i have a napping baba, i'm a girl with some time on my hands.
which brings me to this wall. this bathroom wall has been bugging me for the longest time. all empty and white. well not anymore! i'm pleased with the initial result but it's definitely a work in progress. for me the walls in a house should tell a story. for this one, the thrifted pictures will remind me of a lovely day i had with my son, the top frame was empty so i decided to go old school, whip out the teabags and stain some card (please tell me i'm not the only one who loved doing that at school?!) and then i wrote a sonnet that is very dear to us, sonnet 116, by william shakespeare. our beautiful friend sam handpicked this and read it at our wedding, and the mirrors, well, they were just pretty. you always need something pretty on a wall too ;)


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    1. thank you Isla! no the bottom picture looks like it was printed on satin (i think), and the other one is a print. thanks for stopping by!