i'm no photographer. i'm a point, shoot and pray kinda gal. trying to capture caleb can be so hard and frustrating at times. click and the moments gone before the shutter even goes, and if the camera is not handy...forget about it. so my solution, click away like a maniac and pray for one decent shot, and when i say decent, i mean claire decent not photographer decent. you guys will always be in a different league.

so as caleb napped and i caught up on my blogs, (yes housework i know you're still waiting for me) i came across this post. shaneen is one half of the lovely blog, breathe happiness, and the talented lady behind the pictures in her post. see what i mean about professional photographers?! different. league.
if you're after tips on how to photograph little ones, she's your lady.

so shaneen after your great advice, with my trusty little camera in hand, i took to the floor and let caleb do his thang. you know what i found...the boy who usually turns away from the camera (hard to believe i know, but true) all of a sudden was intrigued and couldn't get enough of sneaking up on me when i was meant to be sneaking up on him!! caleb reminded me today why i've always enjoyed taking pictures, because it's FUN.

so thank you shaneen for the tips, and thank you caleb for reminding me to have fun with photography and stop taking it so seriously. for me there's never going be the perfect shot, perfect moment however, different story.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely words!! what a little cutie... I'm so pleased you found my photo tips useful.

    Shaneen x