this little guy has been...

  • tearing the house apart. cupboards emptied, bell jar smashed, rummaging through the bin. you name it he's doing it. to all the people who said to enjoy him not moving for as long as you can...i totally get it now. though i'd be lying if i didn't admit i'm secretly thrilled he's up and about. i love watching your face as you ponder and discover this new found freedom, just ease up on mama's pretty stuff okay?!
  • following me around the house wherever i go, and for the first time ever has been a bit clingy with me. to the point where if you're playing you'd prefer me on the floor rather than the couch, even though you have no interest in playing with me at that moment. so like a sucker i do it :)
  • from day one a static sleeper. we'd put you down and find you in the exact same position. well that ship has sailed too. we go in, you're diagonal, or switched ends, or on your hands and knees, or sat upright. what a fright i got when i went in to find you sat up, you've never been able to sit up on your own before!
  • to the football with daddy. loved your shot on the pitch. boy time at its best.
  • on his very first easter egg hunt, with lots of help from his cousins, it would appear you like your chocolate with the wrapper on ;)
  • celebrating his best pal's birthday today. the pair of you were so sweet playing together but not forgetting to go in for the occasional head love every so often. thank you for such a good day carly and iain. that's all your buddies turned one now, just you left in the group to go.

as you reach your first big milestone i feel as though you've had a mental check list this week of all the things you want to do before you're one. you still catch me by surprise by how quickly you pick up something, what one day was a struggle is mastered the next. you my boy, rock.


  1. omg this photo is perfect!!

    1. thank you. they really are the cutest wee buds together!