woo hoo to an easter weekend packed with family and friends!

we kicked off good friday with a soft play date, caleb was nearly lost to the deepest ball pit he's been in yet (why oh why do i always miss the best photo ops!) we then went to meet mikey and his family for drinks at the newly refurbished and oh so swanky caledonian hotel, at the caley bar. we enjoyed a glass of fizz while caleb lapped up the attention from the family and anyone else for that matter. we had a little peek into peacock alley at the hotel too, the space is so beautiful and the perfect setting for afternoon tea with the girls, need a date in the diary for that one. the day was finished off with dinner at kyloe, where we had the most amazing steaks (oops to the no meat on good friday). the top picture was the view we had from our table, not too shabby hey! it was so nice to catch up with everyone, especially in such nice places. my first thought would be that these places would not be very baby-friendly and we'd be greeted with lots of 'shut that baby up' faces. but it couldn't have been further from the truth, all the staff were so helpful and caleb was making lots of new friends with passer-by's. it reminds us to take advantage of this stage while he's still happy to sit and not plan a escape route, we've approximately got about a week left i think ;)

i'll leave you with a few pictures of caleb's new place to chill and catch up on his correspondence...

happy easter everyone, enjoy the long weekend :)

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