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oh yes i've got that friday feeling! hello weekend i am ready for yooooou :) 

our friday so far has been lovely getting to spend it with grandma edinburgh. i seriously lucked out in the in-laws department. we always have the best time together. i'd be lost here without mum two (as i like to call her) her support and love means the world to me, and i know my own mum feels all the better knowing i have her here. i almost feel greedy that i have these two amazing ladies in my life. caleb, if there was a grandma lottery, you've won it.

other lovely things going on....

i had the honour to guest post for one of my favourite bloggers, shelby from brandon and shelby. you can see my post here. it's amazing getting to meet (in the blog sense) all these talented people, and shelby is certainly one of them, i LOVE her photography. if you are not already following you must check out her blog and the way i see you series that she is a part of. such beautiful photography, it really inspires me to learn more when it comes to taking pictures.

and if appearing on one of my fav blogs wasn't enough the lovely erica from something like a fairy tale nominated us for a very inspiring blog award. thank you so much! when i first started this blog i did not anticipate to enjoy it so much, nor did i imagine anyone else would care. so thank you again erica and all you other lovely people who take the time to read our little blog. that in itself inspires me.

anywhoo enough of the mush before i start bawling my eyes out (you can tell as a once-upon-a-time actor, i've practised many an acceptance speech ;)

have a lovely weekend everyone, i hope the sun is shining for you . we have hail stone here as i type, yes hail stone. i mean really?!

by the way, how many times could i have possibly wrote the word lovely, but you know what, i meant every single one. lovely lovely lovely 


  1. You are great. You are adorable. And I am so happy I've "met" you. So happy your enjoying blogging so much!!

  2. ditto to the comment above <3 Enjoy your Lovely weekend ;)

    1. thanks so much erica!! hope you have a LOVELY weekend too ;)

  3. This post is all KINDS of sweet. I was just talking to my dad today about how glad I am that we love being around family (and even more so post kids). I hear people complaining about having to get together with family over holidays and I always feel the opposite.

    Your blog is always a nice spot to check into! :) Yep, glad we've met through the blogosphere!


    1. right back at you lady! love popping over to your blog for some daily inspiration, your writing always touches me but most of all makes me smile :)

  4. Saw you on Shelby and Brandon's blog. So fun to read about your adventures over seas!