we woke early 6am. well michael was 4am and waited as long as he could before waking me. i woke up with my throat on fire. i knew before i even reached for the mirror to check the back of my throat what i was going to find.

see me and tonsillitis go back a long way, he picked on me incessantly for a few years back in the day.

but so what if i had bright white spots taking over my throat. nothing a couple of painkillers and a throat spray couldn't solve...denial is a beautiful thing.

once we were dressed we headed for coffee and bagels at our hotel, the room looked out onto madison avenue. i was struck by how quiet outside was when it dawned on me that it was a sunday. i couldn't think of a better time to have a little explore through the streets and avenues.

good morning new york :)
check out the steam from the street...so new york, new york
could not get enough of the yellow taxi's and traffic lights :)
HOT DOG! i was good and held off...it was only 8am after all
told you...cheesy tourists!
loved my times square model
we then headed back to the hotel to meet michael's family, we arrived back early not trusting our sense of direction, so chilled up on the roof terrace. i love that you have no idea whats hidden away on top of all these buildings. ours was a little haven away from the now busy streets for a quick coffee

oh hello new york public library

it was then time to head over to katz diner with michael's family. who doesn't want to re-enact their own when harry met sally moment in front of their in-laws ;p
we were told to keep hold of our ticket or we'd be charged $50. we didn't once use it. still confused
super sweet but super good
immense! i swear i had meat sweats after this. attractive.

this place was an experience in itself. the service almost bordered on aggressive. the waiter was mystified as to why a group of scottish people (my husband's family) were travelling with an english person (me). when we asked him if he had any recommendations on the menu he looked at us as if we'd sprouted two heads. told us no. that was his chat. eh ok...
but this is one of those places that doesn't need to rely on it's staff to impress, they leave that to the food.
amazing no frills new york sandwich.

i couldn't believe how much we had done already and it was only 11.30am. new york is just one of those places. i'm going to leave the rest of this day for part three...sorry if i'm boring you. i just can't get enough of this place and i'm going to stretch out reminiscing about it for as long as i can ;)


  1. You wear the cutest outfits, love those tights!

  2. Loving your new York posts, you cheesy tourists, you!! Ha! I would be exactly the same though!! You any better?! X

    1. cheesetastic all the way!!
      feeling so much better thank you. still can't believe i was ill over there, bloody typical!!

  3. Oh I love NY soooo much.
    It's not boring it's great looking at your pics!

    1. thank you!
      i'm so on a major new york comedown, especially now i'm better...i want to do it all again.

  4. Ooooh I've missed so much this week! I loved catching up with all of your photos. You did such a great job capturing the city! :)

    We just spent the day (in Chicago) with our dear friends who moved back to NYC. Makes me want to make a little trip of our own soon! Always so much to do and so many people to visit!

    Really love all these photos, thanks for sharing :)

    1. thanks henna. it's one special place for sure, must be so lovely having friends there to visit too...lucky lady!