so where was i....oh yeah katz diner, we'd just finished up and we were all fit to burst. i joked that i'd probably not need to eat again after that, little did i know that that would be the last thing i'd eat for 24 hours, damn you tonsils.

but before the lurgy really took over, it was time for the guys of our group to take michael's dad (the birthday boy and who the trip was for) off to brooklyn to hit the bars, and us girls were going to greenwich village.

with it being my first time in ny the girls indulged me with a walk through chinatown and little italy on the way...ok they got lost...but it was a win win for me.
my head was literally on a swivel taking in all these streets, there was so much going on. so many different noises, scents, people. i was in my element as people watching is one of my favourite things to do, i thank that to my acting days
chance of a cheesy tourist picture...oh you know i was in like a shot! 
LOVE all the buildings and their fire escapes
the magnolia bakery! now i'm not a cupcake fan but these were divine. so light and the smell in the shop was amazing. well if it was good enough for carrie...

after a cocktail, cupcake and a wee look in the shops everyone was feeling the time difference so thought it was best to go back to the hotel to relax as we were heading over to the meat packing district that night for dinner.

i never made dinner. i went back fell asleep and when i woke, the jig was up. i was sick, and i had to admit it. fever had hit and i was now starting to feel nauseous, oh and the little matter of me barely being able to swallow. so i ordered michael to go out and enjoy himself while i tried to sleep it off.

12 hours sleep later and a painkiller or two ;) the fever was gone, and i was going out whether i could swallow or not.

it was our day with the birthday boy and he was treating the girls to lunch at the gramercy park hotel. this is officially my dream stay hotel in new york. it was opulence at it's very best but with a quirky edge. we struck gold with the weather and they opened their terrace up for the first time this year.
i couldn't have wished for better comfort food, alphabet soup and grilled cheese

the best iced coffee ever
just some random art on the walls ;)

after lunch everyone went off to do their own thing, mostly sleep, their previous night out had certainly been a good one. i however was wide awake after my 12 hour kip, so whats a gal to do with a spare hour or two...

this building was utterly breath-taking. so peaceful and calm inside. funny to think of the fast place life  and craziness that is happening just outside these walls.

there's something about walking around a busy city on my own that i love. more so now than ever as those moments are rare with having caleb. i missed him like crazy but it was also good just to be solo me. no schedules, no deadlines, just me and new york...oh and sodding tonsillitis. 


  1. Oh that library, I dream! Your skirt is too cute too :)

    1. thank you!
      it took my breath away, so beautiful!