i've certainly milked this trip hey!! so now for the final instalment, we were so lucky on our last day and the sun treated us to temperatures in the seventies (our paley white skin nearly died of fright!) so of course this meant a trip to central park.

not before the wannabe millionaire and big kid in me was indulged first...

ah tiffany's
biggest kid in town

the group plans were then to head off to balthazar for a late lunch before we had to catch our flight. had i been well i would have loved to have gone, but the idea of eating a big lunch with my throat was a no-no and the good weather outside swayed it.

michael was a total sweetheart and insisted on missing out on balthazar even though i know he would have killed to try the french onion soup there (his all time fav dish). instead, knowing how bad my throat was but that i needed to eat, he insisted on finding me my favourite food somewhere. well there was only one answer to that question, i've been dreaming of this roll since i first saw it on naomi's blog, love taza.

now this is my kinda place. i love the no nonsense approach, three types of filled rolls and boom that's your lot. i can honestly say this was one of my favourite things i have EVER eaten. it was so succulent, so full of flavour and was worth the pain of swallowing.

since i've got back i keep thinking about this roll. serious food love right there! i would be bankrupt if we had a luke's over here. fact. if you ever get the chance to go, go. don't be put off by the price, believe me when i say it is worth every single penny.

where better to lap up the sun and eat my lobster roll...

this lovely man was playing 'over the rainbow', not busking just playing. such a pleasure to listen to.

so there it was, my first ever trip to new york. i can honestly say you have stole a bit of my heart ny. even when i was so ill you blew me away. i've loved coming home and getting to relive it all again, it's made me love and miss it all the more.

until next time new york ♥


  1. you've got some great pics!!
    i love naomi's blog too. you've managed to make me want to eat my lunch at 9.30am!! haa!

    1. oops sorry ha ha! i make myself hungry thinking about it all the time!
      naomi's blog is amazing hey, i get my new york fix reading it :)

  2. Oh my, so jealous! Some of your pics are stunning! I went before kids, so maybe it's time I ventured back...

    Hope you are all well again though.

    1. thank you!
      so time to venture back!! we are all well in this house again thankfully. still can't believe i was ill in new york, of all the times!!! :(