this little guy has been...

>>> the best comfort a mum and dad could ask for :)

>>> on fire with his walker. though did have his first proper fall, complete with bump on the head. caleb after  a minute of crying, non-fazed. us, scarred for life.

>>> getting his first proper pair of shoes. turns out you have super wide feet so only had the choice out of two pair in the whole shop, bless.

>>> obsessed with anything with buttons. if there's a button to be pressed you'll press it!

>>> crazed head-butting toddler. walls, floors, toys, units (thankfully not people!) you name it. mama is not a big fan of this.

>>> very cuddly of late. mama is a big fan of this :)

>>> loving all his time with his cousins and friends. watching you enjoy being a part of the action literally makes my heart sing.

>>> loving eating outdoors. pesto pasta is the firm favourite and the moment :)

>>> screaming. without warning might i add, and for no apparent reason, just like hey mum check out this noise i can make!

>>> laying down on the floor whenever tired. cutest thing ever.

>>> one with nature. which includes touching every flower you see, chewing sticks, oh and lets not forget eating grass and mud.

you're such a loving and social little fella. even though so little you have made us so so proud these last few weeks. i'm sure you've picked up that something has been wrong,  i was worried it might affect you and make you sad and confused but quite the opposite has happened, you've been the one who has given us strength. you've made us laugh and refocus on the good things in life. 

thank you my dear boy. we would be lost without you.

eh i'd like to point out michael and i do not own matching glasses! this was our little geek-off competition (of course). damn it he wins. now how much trouble will i be in for including that picture in this post....


  1. AWW! Such lovely pics!!! Your little one is so cute!!

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    1. thank you!
      thanks for stopping by veronica :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You have an adorable little boy. I am a new Follower of your Blog.

    1. that's so lovely of you to say judy!
      thank you for following!

  3. Oh I love the holding hands picture, aren't those little hands just the sweetest!

    1. he is all about the holding hands and high fives at the minute, so cute :)