so when i awoke sunday morning (my turn for the lie in :) i was met with caleb in full football kit and michael who looked fit to burst with pride. now lets just say i'm no football fan (i try, god i try). michael was quick to assure me caleb only had the kit on for photographs before the big game and then i could take it off. here's the thing, i love caleb in a football strip! i mean have you seen those chubby legs in the football socks?! and anyway who am i to talk, i put the kid in braces for crying out loud. love me some braces.

so the kit stayed firmly on for the day while michael went off to the game, and here dear husband, is the proof. now only if this had brought the team some luck. one day boys. one day.

losing aside we had a cracking day holding the fort here back in edinburgh. we spent the day with grandma edinburgh and two of caleb's cousins, rian and lewis. there is nothing i like better than watching caleb play with his family. he's such a lucky boy. lewis and caleb are both happy and smiley souls so are a perfect match together. while rian, being the elder, is so sweet and so so patient with him. caleb was in his element with rian playing football , well in caleb's case hand ball. i'm telling you if the boy can dribble with his feet one day like he dribbles with his hands we will have one very happy daddy on our hands.

i'm so pleased caleb has a big family with lots of little ones about. it makes me think about how nice it will be for them all growing up together. i have to admit this does have me thinking about siblings for caleb too. ha ha and this coming from the girl who after giving birth proclaimed never again. ah how things change. don't get me wrong i'm not talking about right now but lets just say that broody feeling is slowly but surely creeping back in.

glutton for punishment.

*oh and did i mention i'm a social media crazed woman right now?! 
yep that is this little house now set up on facebooktwitter and instagram.
i'm not going to lie i am not entirely sure what i'm doing, especially with twitter, but if i can master a bit of basic html coding on this blog, damn it i will figure out twitter if it kills me!!

would love for you to come join us over on these sites, and we'd really appreciate the follows and likes if you enjoy what we do on this here blog. would be great to find out who's on which sites too so i can follow you back :)

pinterest, i know, i know i've not forgot about you. you're next. promise.


  1. Too cute! He looks great and a football natural ;)
    ps. you'll love Pinterest!

    1. oh his dad will love you saying that!!
      pinterest is so next on my hit list!