okay so if this kid wasn't so much fun right now in the daytime, this post woud have read 'baby for sale....hell baby for free...no returns' ;)

yes what we have here folks is a superhero by day, a villain by night. the sleep crawling/sitting/standing is getting tired. tired now there is a word. 

i was so tired on monday night that when i heard caleb cry for what felt like the 100th time i got out of our bed and rushed through the hall in the dark when i felt something hit my knees. i looked down to find caleb there who then starting laughing. good god, he had climbed out his cot!!!

he then proceeded to stand up and walk, yes WALK over to me.

so that is why this has been happening...he's been on the cusp of walking. it all makes sense now!

but now i have a dilemma, i can't put him back in his cot because he can climb out and i don't want him to hurt himself. no other option but into my bed it is and asleep we go. i am then awoke again by his crying. i turn over to soothe him. where is he? he's not in the bed? i can hear him but i can't see him. where is he? panic literally took over my entire body.

then i really came to, i had been DREAMING. 

i don't have a walking son who can scale his cot like an olympic high jumper. i do however have a crying son, who'd probably been crying the whole time i was having that crazy dream.

so like i was saying...baby for sale? anyone? i've really sold it hey!

lets just say dragging my tired ass out of bed has been a struggle, but then i'm met with the biggest smile. boy does he know how to make you feel better, and then the fun begins. he is so playful at the moment. loving hide and seek, sharing his toys and making his tired mama laugh. he particularly cracked me up when he decided i was taking too long peeling his satsuma so just launched the whole thing into his mouth. shuddered at the bitterness of the peel but then continued to suck the juice quite happily. satsuma eating, caleb style.

well that's my superhero enjoying a nap just now (moi jealous? nooooo) i seriously wish i could nap right now but i've consumed so much caffeine in such a short space of time i'll be lucky if i sleep tonight.

time to get busy with my day, first things first, concealer. damn you eye bags.


  1. Oh my goodness, when dreams feel like real life they are so strange. Sometimes I will dream that I am up getting ready for the day only to realize that I was dreaming and am now late!!!!!

    1. it's crazy hey!! i always find those types of dreams so exhausting!