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hello friday! what took you so long?? lets start off with a song shall we, get everyone in the mood. this is my new 'i will play it till i kill it' song. i love it when you get a song that gives you a surge of energy, and this tired mama has needed it. i have pretty much been singing this in my head at work all day, well lets hope in my head!

>>> here's to a weekend of two sets of hands on deck. oh and sleep, that is what people do in the dead
       of the night isn't it??

>>> more one year old celebrations :)

>>> babysitting for a sweet, sweet girl...who sleeps through the night. told you caleb, all the cool kids
       are doing it :)

>>> lots of chilling with my boys, in the sun hopefully. come on scotland you can do it!

>>> have a lovely weekend everyone <<<


  1. OH lordy, when I first saw the video picture (a man in a hospital bed with a breather) I freaked! Glad to read/hear its just your new song obsession, I play my fav's on repeat so often too & Bea now does it! ha! Have an awesome weekend!

    1. ah sorry lovely! i should not be shocking a lady in your condition ;)
      the video is slightly random with the song but really good.
      have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Yay to the two hands on deck!!! Sometimes you just need to pass the baton...

  3. Here's wishing you a great weekend and hoping you have a good sleep! You sure put on a cheerful face for an exhausted person. Must be 'cause even though you're very tired, you're also very happy :)

    1. thank you loulou, such a lovely comment. sleep is getting back on track a little. keeping fingers crossed! hope you had a lovely weekend too :)