so there i was taking pictures of my cute boy (shamelessly biased) and there it was in the background. my pet hate. exposed plugs and wires. there's things in life that irrationally bug me and boy is this one of them.

seeing this above picture prompted me to get this tula moon print of the liver buildings framed...

this was a christmas present from my mum. i love it so much and have been meaning to find the right frame for it for ages. this is my mum all over, i've never mentioned to her that i like tula moon pictures but as soon as she saw the print she knew i'd love it.
steph dekker, the talent behind tula moon, is inspired by vintage and retro fabrics and all things patchwork. my kinda gal.

if you've seen this post you'll know i'm quite partial to a picture wall and that i like them to tell a bit of a story.
so my next addition to this little wall...

yes a brown paper bag.


this is no ordinary brown paper bag (to my brit readers insert the m&s advert's voiceover here ;) 

this is a new york zara brown paper bag.

this is when i think you don't need to spend a fortune on the pictures you have around your home. if they mean something to you and you love them, then in my book that's the perfect type of art to have covering once bare and unloved walls.

lastly i dug out these two thrifty finds...

these were hiding at the bottom of a suitcase of pictures in one of my local charity shops. i thought they were lovely but what sold me was the fact they had sauvignon blanc and pinot noir on them, which were the wines we had at our wedding. perfect.

lastly we bought a new lamp and i disguised the plug and wires with some magazines and books. in your face plug and wires!!

everyone place your bets how long they stay put with caleb about ;) strangely he's not shown a bit of interest so far.

and the end result...


  1. omg, i love all of this. especially the new york bag frame - what a fab idea!! you look like you've got a great little place chic xx

    1. thanks lady!!
      i wish it could look tidy like that always, but i have a one year old with other ideas ;)

  2. Lovely solution to the plug and wires problem. I dislike seeing those too. Your room looks very nice and your boy, adorable (of course)!

    1. thanks loulou :)
      it's funny what can drive you nuts sometimes, at least i can always depend on caleb to cute the house up!!

  3. i love how you used the new York zara bag as art! clever & it looks really good!! exposed wires is my pet peeve too. I'm always trying to think of ways to hide them...

  4. Ok so they bag idea is really cool, and I might have to feature it on my decor blog if that is ok...

    Thanks for popping my Memos In Stilettos, Jo &

  5. Love your brown paper bag idea!!!! I'm going to have to have a rummage through my keepsake box to see what bits I can find to put in frames now :-).