this little guy has been....

>>> starting his days at 5.30am. what happened to 7.30am wee man?? ah those were the days.

>>> mastering the art of sitting down from standing up, and what a technique you have. you hold on 
       to whatever piece of furniture you've yanked yourself up on then you bend down from the waist            placing one hand on the floor, bum in air, other hand down and then plonk! cracks us up everytime.

>>> enjoying his first time in a sand pit. it took a whole 5 minutes before the sand was in your mouth.
        i was impressed!

>>> showing us who is boss when for a little giggle we decided to give caleb a sour gum. ya know just 
        to see what his reaction who be. cruel i know but there's got to be some sort of payback for the
        5.30am rises ;) a shudder or a wince you may wonder? nope. ate the whole thing without flinching
        then came back for more. that will teach us. caleb. boss.

it's been a tough old week. lack of sleep really messes with your mind. thing seem to be settling down though  and getting back to normal in this little house or at least here's hoping.

but who are we to complain when we've got our boy smiling back at us. i love the above picture, we all had a right giggle together having dinner and being stupid. you should have seen mine and michael's hair ;)

i love this little family. even on no sleep.


  1. the story about the sour candy - hilarious. hahahaha

    1. such baaaaaaad parents!! that'll teach us hey!

  2. I am amazed with this cute and sweet post after all of the 5:30am wakings! :) and haha, I gave Mateo a piece of licorice last week, thinking for SURE that he'd think it was gross and he'd learn that not everything in a package is yum, yum. Same a Caleb, gobbled it up. :)

    1. ha ha they showed us!
      we had a night this week with a whole sleep through....such a beautiful thing, shame it was just the night! we live in hope ;)