okay for some reason as i went to write this post all i could hear in my head were these two songs...

when the going gets tough, the tough get going (thanks, mr. billy ocean)


i get by with a little help from my friend's (forever the scouser in me)

yes it can be a pretty crazy place in my head at times. i'd like to point out these songs weren't playing simultaneously in my head, surely that makes me less crazy ;)

life at times is going to be hard. hard to the point were you just want to put the covers over your head and not get out of bed.

well i thought about it (oh how i did) but i didn't and how glad i am i didn't, otherwise i would have missed all this...

such a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

thank you everyone ♥

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  1. I want to say something, but I think all I have to say it ":)"....so yeah, :)


  2. Aww wow beautiful pictues, hope your feeling much better now :)

    Thanks for sharing, following on Blog lovin and now fb :)

  3. It really does look like you had a great weekend - I hope this one is as good :)